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Effective Marketing With Mobile Website Design

In this current climate of instant gratification and wanting information on the go, the fastest growing marketing arena is the mobile device industry.  Mobile devices are in high demand from mobile phones to tablets; you can do everything on these portable devices that only used to be possible on your computer.  Smart business owners understand the importance of this emerging market and will take full advantage of the advertising opportunities that it presents.

To secure you reach a wider customer audience and to secure the financial future of your business it is important to think about mobile website design.  You need a website that is not only functionally flawless but that will be attractive to customers and investors to encourage them to use their technology to access your website find information they need, make purchases or contact you about any questions they may have regarding their specific requirements.

You can ensure your business is ready for this mobile market by following these simple tips to make sure your mobile website is able to compete in today’s market:

  • Create a mobile version of your website with a clear and easy to use interface.
  • Use several mobile advertising networks to drive traffic to your mobile website.
  • Take advantage of pay-per-click advertising, this is where you pay a host website a set fee for each visitor that clicks on your advertisement on their page.
  • Keep your page design minimal and succinct with a user-friendly layout to enable your customers to quickly navigate to the relevant pages.
  • Keep forms short and simple by only including relevant fields to complete.  The way mobile devices are designed makes it difficult to complete long or overly complex forms.
  • Optimize your mobile website to ensure pages load quickly, reducing file sizes when possible.
  • Take advantage of mobile commerce to sell your products and allow your customers to book services online if applicable.
  • Add a “tap-to-call” button to your side so customers can call you if they have any questions of would rather talk to you in person.

The Importance Of Directory Submission

A tried and tested technique of search engine optimization is known as directory submission. To do this you post your website to sites a little like a yellow pages directory and people who use the website can explore the listed websites and find yours in a specific category.  You will need to find as many quality directories as possible across a wide geographical location.

High quality directories often charge a fee to submit your listing and don’t always guarantee acceptance to the directory because the directory will review your submission before publishing it and fees are often not refundable even if your submission is rejected.   It is therefore vital that you have a well-designed and high quality website before you consider using these directories.

This technique is considered a good marketing tool as your website will be recommended through a variety of sources and will encourage search engines to rank your website in a higher position.  Directories require:

  • The use of relevant keywords.
  • Relevant content with valuable information for your customers.
  • The potential of your site to reach customers all over the world.

A professional which can submit your website to the directory is highly recommended as they will know the best ones to use and will make sure any directories used will be relevant to your business.

Using these directories is an excellent way to increase your presence on the web and with the increasing need to rank at the very highest position on search engines you can ensure customers are directed to your website above others.  The higher your position on the results pages of search engines the more traffic your site will attract because customers do not want to spend time trawling through pages of results returned on their searches.

Before deciding to submit your listing to these directories you should have a professional SEO company look at your site and increase the chance of it being accepted by the directors.  The websites that succeed will have used the services of a professional within this specialist area to ensure that their submissions are accepted by the directories.

Advertising Through PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a method of marketing your business through the creation of an advert and the use of keywords, which can be placed on search engine result pages, or websites, which choose to affiliate with your business.  You pay the owner of the website or search engine provider each time a visitor clicks on your advert.

PPC is a highly effective form of online advertising but is very time consuming and need to be designed carefully.  They also need to be managed well and monitored regularly to make sure they stay relevant and up to date.  To use PPC you need to bid to use specific keywords and this requires a strategic bidding plan.

An effective management strategy will include:

  • Having clear advertising targets which will provide a focused goal for your business to achieve whether that is to direct more traffic to your site or convert visitors into consumers.
  • Conducting keyword research and analysing findings to ensure you choose the most relevant keywords and phrases for your advert to maximize the number of potential customers who will used those words to find your website.
  • Organizing the PPC account so that your advert focuses on the brand or specific products, which will help to identify and resolve issues.
  • Taking advantage of keyword matching opportunities to improve relevancy of the advertisement targeting a specific audience or geographical location.
  • Conduct concurrent testing of two adverts at the same time.  This is known as A-B testing to find out which advert gets the most clicks.
  • Improving the advert design to make them easy to understand and appealing to your target customer audience.
  • Review website design to make sure the ad takes your customers to the right page
  • Tracking performance of the campaign through analysing site statistics

PPC Management can be a very time consuming and labour intensive exercise, which needs a lot of patience and hard work.  PPC management companies can provide your business with a comprehensive service to enable you to meet your advertising targets at an affordable cost.