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Make Article Writing and Distribution Work for You

In the process of setting up your business’s new web site, you have put a lot of thought and effort into the content for your page. But especially if you are putting it all together on a tight time schedule, then you may find yourself short on content and even shorter on time.

So what are some options that you may have when you find yourself in a situation such as this?

One option you have is finding someone to help you to generate content. The most common service provided this way is article writing and distribution. By outsourcing articles to be written for your website you increase the flow of content to your website, without spending all of the time you need to be focusing on other aspects of your web presence.

Another added bonus is that rather than one person writing all blog posts on a certain topic, a variety of writers can bring a wide variety of perspectives and input about the subject matter. This keeps your content looking fresh and interesting and changes up the writing style enough to keep your audience and viewers coming back for additional content in the future. In many ways this can be helpful to your blog.

It can also be helpful to your web site to outsource your article writing because added expertise can be invaluable in increasing the value of information available to users of your site.

Another important thing to consider is how cost effective this could be for you. If you have the finances and funds to seek talent from and outside source, it is more cost effective than spending the time to do it all on your own. For a reasonable price you can have a bulk quantity of articles written according to whatever keywords or tags you would like. These can be customized to any topic your site requires.

There are also services which will share and promote your website for you across social networking sites. All of these services come at reasonable rates and you can shop around for whatever suits your site. It is just important to keep in mind that you can get additional help with your site if you just know what to look for.

What’s the Big Deal About Blog Posting?

We live in an age when Internet access is everywhere, anybody can publish any sort of content, and all of this is right at our fingertips. If you ask me, that is an exciting time! But what is the big deal about blog posting? What can it do for you and how can it be used?

To start with there are many possible uses for and reasons to get into blog posting. Perhaps you have a business that would benefit from a web presence or from ongoing information in your field of expertise. Or maybe you work with an organization which needs a way of getting their information out to the world, such as a non-profit, or a political group. Or perhaps your interests are personal and you are sharing personal knowledge in a life style blog or some other personal interest group.

No matter the reason you are interested in starting a blog, there are some useful considerations, which will help you to begin your blog posting. Take a look at these tips and keep them in mind as you begin to set up your first blog:

  • Choose a host that suits your needs: When deciding on a blog hosting service it is important to shop around for a service provider that best suits your needs. You will find different options and packages depending on your requirements. If you need something simple or complex, pre-formatted or entirely DIY, customizable or static, there are options out there for your needs.
  • Find a look: Once you have your blog set up it is next important to find a look that suits your needs. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but what is most important across the board is to keep it clean cut and easily accessible by your viewers. Other than this, it is all up to you. From layout to colors and fonts, to site mapping, it is all in your hands!
  • Create content: Next comes the ongoing part of blog posting. The actual posting part! Keep your information correct and succinct, relevant, and up to date. There are endless ways and types of content, and that part is entirely dependent upon the sort of blog you are running. Creating great blog posts will improve with practice, so get out there and start posting.

These are the basics you need to begin creating your blog and start posting. Eventually you may want to experiment with different sorts of multimedia, such as audio and video, or at the least, image graphics. You may also take advantage of social networking capabilities within your website, such as the ability to email content, or share to Twitter, Facebook, or other networks.

It will also be important to look into SEO services so that your blog and its content can be easily found through web searches. But that will come after you have started to create content. Just remember to tackle the process one thing at a time, and soon you will be blogging with the best of them!

How to Put Local Internet Marketing to Work for You

When it comes to marketing your business or services locally, it is common to face some difficulties. Local Internet marketing seems to be dominated mostly by Google at this time, which means that your search engine optimization will have to be targeted more towards Google than at other search engines for the time being. So what are some considerations for putting local Internet marketing to work for your business or organization?

  • Use social networking! We commonly think of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when we consider social networking. But when it comes to local marketing for a business or group, there are better networks to be a part of. Helpful ratings on Yelp! Or LinkedIn can serve you much better than an Instagram presence.
  • Having said that, it also helps to have a wide range of locations where people can find information on your business. If you post a Facebook update once per month and a Tweet once per week and maybe share with Google+, you are well on your way to increasing your web presence.
  • Industry directories are an important place to start as well. Whether it’s yellow pages or a listing of local lawyers or pet care providers, being in a directory of local services puts you and your business on the map.
  • Match your keywords to local market searches. If there is a local phrasing for a certain location or service, use that as a keyword so that you are more relevant to local searches.

Whether your business is a first time start up or a business that has been long standing but looking for new customers or clients, optimizing your web presence for local searches can be exactly what you need to get the word out there. What it comes down to is doing your research for your local area and seeing which will be the best local Internet marketing tactics for your particular needs.

By truly knowing your target clientele and by demonstrating rapport with other local businesses or clients, you will find that it is not so difficult to build your reputation and boost your search results within a given area. It is easier than it looks.

Where to Begin with Custom Blog Creation

When it comes to starting your first blog, there can be a lot of different factors that impact what your resulting blog will look like. Your subject matter, target audience, and budget can make all the difference when it comes to custom blog creation and getting your site up and running. So where is a good place to begin making the important decisions? Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Know what your subject matter will be. Are you setting up a lifestyle blog, a personal blog, or a web page for an interest or hobby? Whatever your main subject matter is will be up to you, but remember to try to keep to that topic as much as possible so that your site remains as cohesive as possible.
  2. Know who your target audience is. Are you selling a product? Who will be buying it? It is important to cater your website to the sorts of people who will be looking for your goods and services, or simply your written content.
  3. Do you have a design? You will want to make sure that your website has a pleasant look and feel to it so that information is easily accessible, and so that your readers or customers will look forward to coming back and using your site again. Additionally if your site looks good people will be more likely to share it with their friends or social networks.
  4. Budget is important too. Are you looking to set up a site primarily on your own after purchasing a domain name and url? Or are you looking to hire someone to design a professional looking web site for you or your business? Either way, it is important to keep your budget in mind when you begin shopping around for a place to host your new blog or website.

There are many more considerations that should come to mind when hashing out the details of setting up your new site, but these are likely the most pressing concerns. They are just a good reminder to have in your mind when you are deciding how to proceed.

Custom blog creation can be simple or complex depending on the answers to a lot of these questions. But the one thing that is certain is that there is someone out there for you – someone who can work with the direction you’d like your blog to head in. It will just take a little bit of research to find a service that best fits your personal needs and interests.

Directory Submission And SEO

A directory is a database of websites that are broken down into categories and subcategories and although there are some paid directories, there are also many where you can submit your website for free. Directory submission is an often-overlooked SEO technique but it should be considered as one of your strategies for the following reasons:

  • Visibility – submitting your site to a directory can expose your site to a larger audience, which is key to your site’s existence and sustainability. Whenever someone searches for what your business offers in the directory then your site has a chance to be seen and to connect with another potential customer.
  • Linking Opportunities – search engines like genuine links and building links from a quality directory either related to your local area or your industry is one of the best ways to do this. Link building has changed dramatically since the Penguin update but by submitting your website according to the rules will bring significant advantages.

There are a few tips you can follow to make sure you are making the most of directory submission.

Make Sure the Directory Isn’t Banned

It is a waste of time and energy submitting your website to directories that are banned from Google and this is likely to have an adverse effect on your ranking.

Be Organized

Keep a record of where you have submitted your site and when your link became live.  If you’re paying for this service, make sure you note the renewal date and how much it will cost.

Choose Your Category Carefully

If you choose a category that has a lot of links, then yours will likely become more difficult to be seen.  There may be lots of categories linked to your business so find one that has fewer listings.  If you can’t find one you may wish to pay for a featured listing position, which are also considered, of higher value by search engines.

Be Wary of Reciprocal Links

Check the Webmaster guidelines for link exchanges as reciprocal linking may harm your site’s ranking and reputation.

Title Keywords

If you use a keyword in the title of you listing, it will usually become anchor text.  You should check the guidelines of the directory you’re submitting to, as some don’t allow this.

Use The Description Section

You can use this part of the submission to list your keywords so try to include as many as possible while at the same time making the description sound as readable as possible.

Don’t Duplicate

Search engines don’t like duplicated content so make the effort to change up your content, titles and descriptions for each directory you submit to.

Make The Most of Press Release Services

In the last five years there has been an attempt by search engines to value quality content and links to the web and press release services were used as a marketing tool to provide opportunities to do both.  These services are now changing, as they don’t have the same influence as they used to.  Some businesses relied on them as their only source of self-promotion and in the current climate, unless you have something staggering to report, nobody seems that interested.

The other restriction is cost as it can be an expensive strategy to use especially with the other marketing and promotional strategies available that are much more cost effective, but there is still a place for them if you understand what they can do and understand their limitations.

This article will give you some tips for getting the most out of press releases:

  • The content of the press release needs to be written for people and not machines. You don’t need to use repetitive keywords and this is a frowned upon practice known as keyword stuffing.
  • Write for a particular audience and on one theme so that search engines can categorize the information correctly.
  • Use synonyms and variety as this gives your content a more organic feel and makes it better to read for your customers.
  • Include a link to your webpage or relevant content on your site so that those who are interested in knowing more can follow the link. Current guidelines don’t allow for optimized anchor text so just include the URL instead.
  • Using images or video can be a great way to engage your readers and making the content available on social networks will give it an added boost and increase the visibility of your company and the messages you want to share.
  • Make sure the content you write is interesting and engaging as well as useful to your audience so keep this in mind when writing, use the language your customers use and provide tips, hints or other useful information.
  • Try to write the press release in a way that your readers will understand. Avoid jargon or anything technically related to your organization as your everyday customer may not understand or get bored and just click off.
  • Remember search engines are always updating what they use to index your content and you need to keep abreast of all the changes. Best practices are available for all to view and you should review them regularly to make sure you are complying with current standards to avoid your content being ignored or even worse leading to a ban and removal from search engines.

If you don’t have experience of writing press releases, there are a variety of professional companies who would be able to manage this for you and provide a cost effective service for your business.

Promoting Your Business Through Forum Posting

One of the most popular ways to increase the page ranking of your company’s website is through forum posting.  A forum is an online community that concentrates on a particular interest and where users post content that is specific to the topic and where information is shared willingly.

Posts made which provide answers, support or a solution to a particular question may also refer users to your website and encourage them to purchase goods or services while improving your reputation as a vendor who provides practical and informative solutions.

This article will give you some tips to help you post effectively on forums as part of your effective marketing campaign.

Forum Posting Tips

  • Make sure the forum is related to what your business can provide. It’s not a good idea to go posting on just any forum and you will be viewed as a spammer and users of the forum are likely to ignore you and at worse report you, which may result in you being banned, and your membership terminated by forum moderators.
  • Give your post a good title, which will help to attract potential customers to read your post.
  • Insert relevant keywords, which are the foundation of your online marketing strategy. You need them to create an optimized site and suitable advertisements.  Important keywords should be in the title and then sprinkled throughout the post.  Most people will access a forum looking for a solution to a specific problem they’re having.  It’s a place to ask questions and get advice.  With appropriate keywords in the title and body of the post it will appear in search results when somebody types in the keyword as part of their query and thus bring you visitors to the forum and specifically to your post.
  • Take a look at the forum posting guidelines and make sure you follow them closely. This will earn you a good name and reputation amongst other forum members and improve the traffic to your site.
  • Increase your chances of attracting natural traffic through off-page optimization like bookmarking your post, sharing it on social media sites like Facebook and twitter. You can also place your link after your signature, which will help with link building.

Forums are often free to browse but, to create a post or comment on someone else’s post on forums, you will likely need to make an account with a user-name and password.  Once you have done this you may need to add information to your profile and then you can find a relevant thread or create one of your own and start a conversation with other forum members.

Make The Most Of Local Internet Marketing

Everyone who has a website offering services or products for sale are competing for the highest rankings on the search engines.  It’s important to know how to make the most of local Internet marketing because this is a marketing strategy that will continue to grow and thrive.

This article has been created to help you understand local Internet marketing and how you can use it to help your business flourish.

Local Internet Marketing Tips

  • Use your website to help you meet your business objectives.
  • Create a measurement framework to check your progress over time:
    1. Make your goals specific.
    2. Set key performance indicators.
  • Learn how long your average customer spends on your website and how much they spend. This is known as your Lifetime Customer Value (LCV).
  • You also need to know how much you spend to attract a customer. This is known as your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  • Think about your budget and what you want to spend on your local Internet marketing campaign.
  • Develop your campaign and break it up into small steps.
  • Make sure the data you have is correct, consistent and up to date.
  • Build up citations of your business, which will determine the importance, and legitimacy of your company which influences the position achieved in search engine listings.
  • Manage and create a great website so that you can track its impact on your business objectives.
  • Conduct quality research to find out which keywords are used when searching for your product, services or company.
  • Make sure your site is fully optimized to ensure the technical elements are up to scratch and include localized feedback, reviews and testimonials.
  • Build up links to increase organic search visibility. You can join business and trade associations, link to charities that you support, get involved in local events, link with local directories or connect with local bloggers in your location and of course social media.
  • Encourage your customers to write reviews to improve how your business operates. You can also conduct polls and surveys.  Make sure you follow the guidelines for asking for this kind of feedback.
  • Think outside of organic search and look at pay per click (PPC), Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs), Classified Sites as well as local newspapers and newsletters.
  • Tracking is vital, you need to make sure you understand how much you are paying out to attract a single customer and whether it’s worth the cost. There are a number of low cost analysis tools that you can use to create reports to let you know how your business is doing against the targets you set.

The Importance Of Directory Submission

A tried and tested technique of search engine optimization is known as directory submission. To do this you post your website to sites a little like a yellow pages directory and people who use the website can explore the listed websites and find yours in a specific category.  You will need to find as many quality directories as possible across a wide geographical location.

High quality directories often charge a fee to submit your listing and don’t always guarantee acceptance to the directory because the directory will review your submission before publishing it and fees are often not refundable even if your submission is rejected.   It is therefore vital that you have a well-designed and high quality website before you consider using these directories.

This technique is considered a good marketing tool as your website will be recommended through a variety of sources and will encourage search engines to rank your website in a higher position.  Directories require:

  • The use of relevant keywords.
  • Relevant content with valuable information for your customers.
  • The potential of your site to reach customers all over the world.

A professional which can submit your website to the directory is highly recommended as they will know the best ones to use and will make sure any directories used will be relevant to your business.

Using these directories is an excellent way to increase your presence on the web and with the increasing need to rank at the very highest position on search engines you can ensure customers are directed to your website above others.  The higher your position on the results pages of search engines the more traffic your site will attract because customers do not want to spend time trawling through pages of results returned on their searches.

Before deciding to submit your listing to these directories you should have a professional SEO company look at your site and increase the chance of it being accepted by the directors.  The websites that succeed will have used the services of a professional within this specialist area to ensure that their submissions are accepted by the directories.

Targeted Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Profits

Email has always been an effective online marketing tool. With the development of new technologies it is important to stay current, relevant and connected to your customers and maximize the potential of these emerging platforms, which can provide you with useful information about your customer base, so that you can use email effectively for specific marketing and targeted advertising campaigns.

The following tips are strategies you can use to make email an effective tool for your business:

  • Cart Abandonment – this is when a customer adds items to their shopping cart or trolley but then does not proceed through the checkout process. Email can be used in this instance to send information about the products that the customer almost bought to try and persuade them to go ahead and buy the product.
  • Browser Abandonment – this is when a customer will view an item then abandon the page. Email can be used to send them information about items they looked at.
  • Target Potential – these are new customers who have not bought from your website previously. They can be identified and sent special promotional codes or vouchers, which may encourage them to visit again and make a purchase.
  • Real Time – this technique involves sending a customer a special deal whilst they are looking at a particular product, which will also help to build your company’s reputation with the customer.
  • Handheld Devices – this involves creating an email to inform customers about an app for their mobile device. This will encourage customers to use these devices to buy your products or services.
  • Personalized Bulk Email – this is a traditional method which involves sending customers information about products that they have viewed on your website. You can personalize the email for each customer and provide them with promotion codes, special offers or links to information about the products.

Targeted email marketing has a solid future which you can use to connect with your customers and encourage them to return to your website and make purchases which is good for your business reputation and your profits.