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Use Social Bookmarking To Your Advantage

Websites dedicated to social bookmarking have been around for a while now and the purpose of them is for people to share their favorite websites with others.  It’s a bit like saving a website to your favorites in your browser but instead of it just being available to you it’s available to others who also use the bookmarking site too.

After the Penguin update by google social bookmarking became more about building relationships instead of building links, which is now a very much-penalized activity.  It’s now about making connections with people and this created the possibility to receive organic inbound links from others who think your content and website has credibility.

This article will show you how you can use social bookmarking to start building relationships and connect with others in a way that will help your website grow and gain a good reputation:

Be Specific

Visit the social bookmarking sites and find out which categories cater for what you have to offer.  There will be a variety of different keywords that are specific to your business so take note of the keywords that are being used and the content that is being bookmarked.

Check Out Those Who Share Bookmarks

Some people who bookmark on social bookmarking sites will be spammers.  You need to find people who post quality links and then make contact with those who have a good page rank or quality backlinks as they will be the ones who have authority.

Create Excellent Content

Once you have some excellent content you may wish to promote your website to those you identified as great bookmarkers and ask them to see what they think of your site.  You really have to have some solid, interesting and engaging content for this to work including graphics and video if possible while making it personal and up to date.

Be Careful with Your Approach

Try not to come over as a spammer and ask if they would mind bookmarking or linking to you.  They could even give your site a tweet or maybe they would post a review.  This kind of request gives them options and helps to build the relationship.

In the past social bookmarking was misused as many thought it was a cheap way to get a lot of links to promote their content.  The way it works now is to build a community, value opinions and connect with people.  You’re more likely to understand your audience and potential customers if you have content that appeals and become well known through building genuine trust with your followers.

Reasons You Should Use Social Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking is a method of saving useful website links to a public directory.  These links are then tagged with appropriate words and phrases to allow others to access them through a directory search.  Web browsers have bookmarking features that allow you to create a list of the websites you visit regularly but they are only available to you when you are working on a particular computer.

There are advantages to doing this and the following reasons below will give you an idea why social bookmarking is an excellent idea:

  • Access Content Anywhere – you don’t have to use the same computer or device to access the bookmarks.  This is also a back-up safeguard in case your computer crashes or manages to get a virus that damages or removes your bookmark folder.
  • The Importance Of Back-links – back-links are like a vote for your site as being a reliable and valuable source of information, which will improve your reputation.
  • Improve Traffic – attract customers to their content by increasing your website’s presence
  • Making Your Site Go Viral – there is a higher chance that your website will be shared across the network which can quickly escalate and attract a much wider audience.  This is a very cost effective strategy, as it won’t cost you anything.
  • Search Engine Indexing – Search engines are programmed to look on social bookmarking sites and bookmarking your website effectively will make sure it is listed on the search engines very quickly
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking – SEO follows a set of procedures to rank websites. Social bookmarking provides your content with back-links which are trusted by the search engines and result in higher ranking of your website within their results.
  • Personal Branding – Creating a web presence through listing your favourite websites allows you to spread your personal brand by listing bookmarks that are relevant to your brand.

There are several bookmarking services so make sure you look around and choose the one, which suits your needs.  Here are some useful tips to make sure you use these services effectively:

  • Bookmark Useful Content – encourage the general public to follow you by making your bookmarks current and relevant to your target audience.
  • Make Comments On Other Bookmarks – show your appreciation and people will return the favour as more people become aware of your presence and your community expands.
  • Do Not Spam – this will cause you to lose your reputation and others will not respect your capacity as a responsible informed authority on your particular business.
  • Categorize Bookmarks – your website bookmarks should be organized and descriptive with appropriate keywords.  Make sure you place your bookmarks in the right category.



Make Money Using Social Bookmarking or Tagging

When talking about bookmarking in this sense; we are not talking about the piece of paper or string that you put inside a book you are reading to keep your place.  This type of bookmarking is online and can help to earn you money. Social bookmarking means that you will be sharing your bookmarks with others and it will not use up any resources and is going to give you a lot of benefits.

Improve Your Ranking on Google – By using social bookmarking and leaving a back link to your website Google can move you further in the ranks because; it will use that link to find you.  When you initially start out with a website it is virtually nonexistent on Google, but, with Alexa you could potentially move from 7 million to 600,000 in a month using social bookmarking.

Products to Sale and Affiliated Links – If you are offering products to sale you can really increase your sales by having others bookmark your site and share it with others.  Having affiliated links is going to allow you to gain more traffic without having to put in more work.  With a compelling title and description; an affiliated link can have people going to your site in no time.

Your Online Visibility – Getting online visibility is a definite benefit of bookmarking and if you have a link to a location on your site there are ways to determine how many people are using that link to direct traffic to you.

Sharing – Unlike the beginning days you can now share your bookmarks on your computer with others.  Those things that you bookmark are no longer limited to just your computer.

Speedy Indexing – With the use of tagging you can greatly increase the rate of time it takes for indexing.  If you are constantly updating a website that is a blog or is driven by content then bookmarking is going to by a big advantage to you.

So, all those bookmarks you have been making on your computer can now be shared with others.  You can also use that bookmarking for your own sites and share that information with others to generate more traffic flow to the site.


Your Audience Is Going Social: Bookmarking, Updating, & More

Social media is a huge part of almost every modern Internet marketing scheme, and there’s two powerful reasons why: first, Google uses social media mentions as a ranking factor in the early part of the lifespan of a page, and second, your audience is on social media. Unless your target market is “Amish people” or “the abjectly povert,” you can be essentially certain that your audience is somewhere on the social media spectrum. Here’s your guide to knowing where they can be found:



Pinterest — the one of only two social bookmarking sites that have remained truly mainstream (Reddit, below, is the other) — is a haven of highly visual, card-based design. As you might not be surprised to learn, females make up 80% of Pinterest’s user base. In particular, if your target market is largely comprised of women between the ages of 35 and 54, Pinterest is the place to target.



Make no mistake — darn near everyone is on Facebook, and you can reach almost any audience on Facebook. If you’re not posting on Facebook, you’re making a mistake. But, it’s important to note that more seniors use Facebook than any other major social site. In other words, if your target market is over 65 and you don’t have a very good reason for targeting a more focused social medium, concentrate your efforts on Facebook.



Much like Facebook, Twitter has a very broad demographic; about 20% of everyone uses Twitter. However, Twitter use goes down as people get older, and more importantly for businesses, Twitter use is lowest in the middle class — it’s highest in the lower class and almost that high in the upper class, but the middle class uses it least. The best group for Twitter? Poor young males with at least some college education.



LinkedIn attracts people who are in their working years: out of school, but not retired. More wealth and more education directly translate into greater LinkedIn usage, so if your target market is “well-off adults”, LinkedIn is a great place to target.


Google Plus

Google Plus has a very solid core demographic: young-adult, single men use Google Plus — and, interestingly, the groups of ‘young-adult people,’ ‘single people,’ and ‘men’ all use Google Plus more than their counterparts, so it’s not a bad place to target any of those groups.



The ‘big dog’ of social bookmarking, Reddit is a haven for young-adult males, but other than a mild trend toward males in general, actually has almost as diverse of a userbase as Facebook and Twitter.



Social Bookmarking Basics

Social media has become incredibly varied in styles and platforms. There are several different types that are designed to appeal to different lifestyles and tastes. One of the hottest trends is social bookmarking sites and these sites can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. We’ll talk about the basics of three of the most popular bookmarking sites on the web.


Delicious is considered to be a pioneer in the social bookmarking world. Through this platform, you have the ability to save, share and search for “bookmarks” with friends or across the internet.

You’ll need to create a profile, which details your bio and gives you the option of including your website (Yay! A backlink!). You can then begin to sort and categorize content and links as you wish. You can make your “stacks” of content public or private. Going public is an incredible method for building brand awareness – your “stacks” are discoverable and sharable. Hello, increased traffic!


Digg is a bookmarking site that is focused on social news. “Diggers” can find and submit content from anywhere. Other “diggers” are then able to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you run a blog or any type of site that supplies information or knowledge, Digg is probably the social bookmarking site for you. Work to have quality content that will inspire “diggers” to give you the thumbs up and watch your page rankings climb.


StumbleUpon suggests sites for their members to, you guessed it, “StumbleUpon”. By indicating your interests in your profile and based on how you rate certain pages, it gradually begins to learn you and your interests. You can follow certain pages, rate content and share on other social media platforms. To get your new or existing website discovered by StumbleUpon users, simply create your profile and give yourself a “thumbs up”. It’s a fantastic way to start driving additional traffic to your website.

When you’re running a social media campaign, these platforms just can’t be beat. Once you set up your profile, they really don’t need a lot of attention. For a busy business owner, social bookmarking sites could be the godsend you’ve been looking for.

Social Bookmarking: Why It’s Important to You

Social bookmarking is a great resource for the personal consumer and the small business owner. These sites give the user the ability to save useful links, known as ‘bookmarks’, to a public forum and tag them with relevant keywords and phrases so that you can find them easily. This feature has been available for a long time; however, new technology has taken it to the next level. So, why use social bookmarking? Here are a few reasons.

Easy Access
Unlike traditional bookmarking, placing your important links on a social networking platform allows the user to access them from any computer. Not only are the bookmarks easily viewed from the page but there’s no worry about losing them in the event of a computer crash or harmful virus. This means that sharing your favorite links and products has never been easier or safer.

Because your favorite links or products are in a public setting, this gives other users or companies a chance to see the things you’re interested in buying or selling. Not only can this give a small business owner increased visibility for their products, but it also allows consumers to be sent deals and discounts that they may have been unaware of.

Reduced Spam
A good way to be kicked off of a site or forum is by having too many links posted in your signature or in your post. By using a social platform for your bookmarks, you can direct potential customers, readers, or fellow enthusiasts to your favorite online areas with a single link to your page.

No Spring Cleaning
One huge advantage to social resources for your bookmarking needs is the ability to categorize and sort your interests. Many people have more than one hobby or fashion and keeping track of your bookmarks is easy in a social venue. Not only can you sort them by category but adding relevant keywords and tags allows anyone viewing your page to easily find what they’re looking for.

By finding other people’s pages and commenting on them, other people will go to your page while developing a community that shares your interests.

Key Benefits of Social Bookmarking

It is easy to understand why social bookmarking has become a major tool used by site visitors and marketing teams. This tool was adapted from the habit of bookmarking interesting sections in books or magazines. While this was a physical application of bookmarking, this was adopted in the online world by allowing users to tag pages they find interesting and share it with others. There are several websites that allow users to tag favourite pages. This allows the tool to be mutually beneficial for the website that is tagged as well as the users who use social bookmarking tools. Here are a few key benefits of this tool:

  • Improve Search Engine Rating: In allowing your website’s users to bookmark your pages, your website gains credibility and would eventually result in an improved search engine ranking. This means better rankings and easy visibility of your website on a number of search engines.
  • Easy Indexing: When pages of your website are bookmarked, they become easier to index and easily searchable by search engines.
  • Backlinking: In sharing your website’s content through social bookmarking, you can take advantage of backlinking properties. So, when people come across your bookmarks, they are more likely to click on it and visit your full site.
  • Multiply your Reach: Once a page from your website has been bookmarked, this bookmark is also displayed on their connections pages, making you more visible online and encouraging visitors to visit your site.
  • DIY: While it is obviously better for your users to bookmark your pages, it is possible for you to bookmark your own pages as well. You can make your website more visible by featuring your site on bookmarking pages. This helps users find exactly what they want easily and they are, therefore, more likely to find your website.

These advantages of social bookmarking are merely the tip of the iceberg. Along with search engine algorithms, the use of this tool can be beneficial for your business by improving traffic to your site. This, in turn will, eventually, lead to increases in sales and profits for you and your company.

The Advantages of Social Bookmarking

You might not be familiar with the concept of social bookmarking and how it can help your website to gain more visitors and generate more SEO links. They just like bookmarking in a web browser where you can save a site or a link location and usually some information about it on these bookmarking sites. Your friends and other people can see, use and comment on the bookmark that you have left.

How the Sites Work
There are many sites that you can perform bookmarking on and they all have roughly the same sort of procedure. The first thing required is setting up an account through the registration process. This usually involves sending an email account to verify your details. Then you can start posting social bookmarks to the content on your website. There are various other additional features that vary site to site such as rating, comments, liking and sharing that others can do.

When you link content to several well know social bookmarking sites these then increase the page ranking of that page when it search engines crawl the social site and follow the links back to your site. This is a cost effective way of increasing the SEO of your pages and website when preformed responsibly. There have been techniques used that spam a website to hundreds of bookmarking sites and this is now punished if detected by the sites themselves and the search engines.

Do It Right
It is important that only a limited amount of bookmarking sites are selected for each post that is made and that each is carefully constructed with the use of links keywords and comments that maximize their appeal and SEO value. This ensures that you get maximum value for the time and effort put in and that people will take the time to review the link and rate or comment it as well.

Using an SEO Service
In many cases this is part of an SEO campaign with articles or blog posts being used as the source and social bookmarking enhancing their reach and linking power. The can be very effective and help to quickly raise your websites profile when implemented properly. This can be somewhat labor intensive and is ideally completed by a team of experts so that is each post or articles is uploaded it is quickly bookmarked.