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The Advantages of Social Bookmarking

You might not be familiar with the concept of social bookmarking and how it can help your website to gain more visitors and generate more SEO links. They just like bookmarking in a web browser where you can save a site or a link location and usually some information about it on these bookmarking sites. Your friends and other people can see, use and comment on the bookmark that you have left.

How the Sites Work
There are many sites that you can perform bookmarking on and they all have roughly the same sort of procedure. The first thing required is setting up an account through the registration process. This usually involves sending an email account to verify your details. Then you can start posting social bookmarks to the content on your website. There are various other additional features that vary site to site such as rating, comments, liking and sharing that others can do.

When you link content to several well know social bookmarking sites these then increase the page ranking of that page when it search engines crawl the social site and follow the links back to your site. This is a cost effective way of increasing the SEO of your pages and website when preformed responsibly. There have been techniques used that spam a website to hundreds of bookmarking sites and this is now punished if detected by the sites themselves and the search engines.

Do It Right
It is important that only a limited amount of bookmarking sites are selected for each post that is made and that each is carefully constructed with the use of links keywords and comments that maximize their appeal and SEO value. This ensures that you get maximum value for the time and effort put in and that people will take the time to review the link and rate or comment it as well.

Using an SEO Service
In many cases this is part of an SEO campaign with articles or blog posts being used as the source and social bookmarking enhancing their reach and linking power. The can be very effective and help to quickly raise your websites profile when implemented properly. This can be somewhat labor intensive and is ideally completed by a team of experts so that is each post or articles is uploaded it is quickly bookmarked.

How to Build Local Los Angeles SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for every business that has a website. One of the best ways to build local Los Angeles SEO is by link building. This can be a time consuming process but it is worth the effort that your SEO Company puts in.

Start With Your Website
It is surprising how many websites so not include important details more widely on their own website. A SEO professional will make sure that your web pages include your address and phone number. A great technique is to include them in the footer of every page so that your link building will lead to this information.

Google Places
When you have a profile set up for your business on Google places you have a great local area link that will appear in searches that are preformed on the Google search engine. It is important to have a verified entry with as much information possible and a link to your website.

Yellow Pages and Local Directories
These are great places to build links back to your website and increase the visibility of your business. Your Los Angeles SEO company will ensure that you have a yellow pages online entry and similar sites such as Scoot and Yahoo local are also included. They do take some time and effort to be filled out entered and verified but it is time and money well spent.

SEO and Social Media
Social media can be a great place to build links and they can be very valuable for businesses. There are literally hundreds of social media sites and it is important to spend your time on the ones that are going to be most valuable for your link building. Yelp and Trip Advisor can be great places to start and they will also help to raise the profile of your business.

They also give your local Los Angeles SEO company the chance to add more links and content building a larger profile and attracting customers directly. You can have product information, how to videos and special offers added so that people that follow you social media sites become followers and advocates. When the link to your content your web of links increases and your visibility increases leading more people to your website and generating more sales.