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Website SEO: The Key to Visibility and Online Presence

Creating a small business has never been easier than it is today. With the emergence and popularity of the Internet, many people are trying to work for themselves–and succeeding. However, many businesses also fail. What is the key to a successful online business? For many people, it can be summed up with two things: their website and their online visibility.

The Website
When selling a service or product, the most important thing is having a place where you can sell them from. While this might seem rather obvious, it’s something that a lot of people overlook because they don’t realize that their website is the same as their shop, or place of business. Having a website that offers information about a product, enables them to place an order easily, and answers their questions is essential for online success.

The Visibility
In many ways, this is the most important key to an online business. Having a beautiful website that runs well won’t mean anything if people never see it. That’s where website SEO services come into play. SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is the primary way that small online businesses are able to connect with their customers. If, like many small business owners, the budget can’t handle dealing with the search engine directly to increase its visibility, there are options to help get the attention your small business needs.

Outsourcing SEO
Organic options are the ones that affect your website SEO parameters naturally without paying the search engine company to bump up your business’ rating on their site. These options include using commonly used keywords, using social media in order to give your site more visibility, and having active, easily seen content that is updated regularly.

Using organic SEO options can be difficult, particularly if you’re the only person working on both visibility and production. Outsourcing to professionals who know how to get your site the most visibility is an excellent and low-cost options that will save you time and maximize your business’ chance of success. These professionals know exactly what your customers are looking for and how to market products efficiently and effectively.

Targeted Email Marketing: The Virtual Sales Rep

Email is an increasingly popular marketing tool among small business owners. However, many business owners are unsure of how to use this resource to its fullest potential with their customers. As the popularity of the Internet has grown, service providers are being given increasingly more detailed information about their prospective customers. This information has given rise to targeted email marketing, a practice where the business is capable of specifically targeting campaigns to particular types of customers.

Cart Abandonment Emails
This marketing campaign is for consumers who are interested enough in an item to add it to their cart but then decide to abandon the item. These customers can change their mind for a variety of different reasons but are usually only a small push away from buying. Cart abandonment emails can suggest similar products they might be interested in, provide them additional information about the product they abandoned, and generally work to persuade the consumer into buying the product.

Target Potential Buyers
These emails are for people who haven’t used your services but might be considering it. This marketing strategy depends on sending new information, articles, or promotional codes to a potential buyer. Not only will this motivate them to buy your product, but if they like what they see, they could recommend your services to others, as well.

Target Existing Customers
There’s no customer better than one who has already proven that they’re willing to give you money. Make signing up for a mailing list a part of receiving your product, and you’ll automatically build a list of people who you know have money and want your stuff. This is the stuff of successful business.

Targeted email marketing can be a great resource for both your business and your customers if used correctly. As technology increases, the gap between online and real life marketing is slowly growing closer and new marketing methods allow small business owners to use effective business strategies. Additionally, because so many small businesses are based solely online, these marketing strategies allow for bigger profits with fewer costs.

Social Bookmarking: Why It’s Important to You

Social bookmarking is a great resource for the personal consumer and the small business owner. These sites give the user the ability to save useful links, known as ‘bookmarks’, to a public forum and tag them with relevant keywords and phrases so that you can find them easily. This feature has been available for a long time; however, new technology has taken it to the next level. So, why use social bookmarking? Here are a few reasons.

Easy Access
Unlike traditional bookmarking, placing your important links on a social networking platform allows the user to access them from any computer. Not only are the bookmarks easily viewed from the page but there’s no worry about losing them in the event of a computer crash or harmful virus. This means that sharing your favorite links and products has never been easier or safer.

Because your favorite links or products are in a public setting, this gives other users or companies a chance to see the things you’re interested in buying or selling. Not only can this give a small business owner increased visibility for their products, but it also allows consumers to be sent deals and discounts that they may have been unaware of.

Reduced Spam
A good way to be kicked off of a site or forum is by having too many links posted in your signature or in your post. By using a social platform for your bookmarks, you can direct potential customers, readers, or fellow enthusiasts to your favorite online areas with a single link to your page.

No Spring Cleaning
One huge advantage to social resources for your bookmarking needs is the ability to categorize and sort your interests. Many people have more than one hobby or fashion and keeping track of your bookmarks is easy in a social venue. Not only can you sort them by category but adding relevant keywords and tags allows anyone viewing your page to easily find what they’re looking for.

By finding other people’s pages and commenting on them, other people will go to your page while developing a community that shares your interests.