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Reasons You Should Use Social Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking is a method of saving useful website links to a public directory.  These links are then tagged with appropriate words and phrases to allow others to access them through a directory search.  Web browsers have bookmarking features that allow you to create a list of the websites you visit regularly but they are only available to you when you are working on a particular computer.

There are advantages to doing this and the following reasons below will give you an idea why social bookmarking is an excellent idea:

  • Access Content Anywhere – you don’t have to use the same computer or device to access the bookmarks.  This is also a back-up safeguard in case your computer crashes or manages to get a virus that damages or removes your bookmark folder.
  • The Importance Of Back-links – back-links are like a vote for your site as being a reliable and valuable source of information, which will improve your reputation.
  • Improve Traffic – attract customers to their content by increasing your website’s presence
  • Making Your Site Go Viral – there is a higher chance that your website will be shared across the network which can quickly escalate and attract a much wider audience.  This is a very cost effective strategy, as it won’t cost you anything.
  • Search Engine Indexing – Search engines are programmed to look on social bookmarking sites and bookmarking your website effectively will make sure it is listed on the search engines very quickly
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking – SEO follows a set of procedures to rank websites. Social bookmarking provides your content with back-links which are trusted by the search engines and result in higher ranking of your website within their results.
  • Personal Branding – Creating a web presence through listing your favourite websites allows you to spread your personal brand by listing bookmarks that are relevant to your brand.

There are several bookmarking services so make sure you look around and choose the one, which suits your needs.  Here are some useful tips to make sure you use these services effectively:

  • Bookmark Useful Content – encourage the general public to follow you by making your bookmarks current and relevant to your target audience.
  • Make Comments On Other Bookmarks – show your appreciation and people will return the favour as more people become aware of your presence and your community expands.
  • Do Not Spam – this will cause you to lose your reputation and others will not respect your capacity as a responsible informed authority on your particular business.
  • Categorize Bookmarks – your website bookmarks should be organized and descriptive with appropriate keywords.  Make sure you place your bookmarks in the right category.



Targeted Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Profits

Email has always been an effective online marketing tool. With the development of new technologies it is important to stay current, relevant and connected to your customers and maximize the potential of these emerging platforms, which can provide you with useful information about your customer base, so that you can use email effectively for specific marketing and targeted advertising campaigns.

The following tips are strategies you can use to make email an effective tool for your business:

  • Cart Abandonment – this is when a customer adds items to their shopping cart or trolley but then does not proceed through the checkout process. Email can be used in this instance to send information about the products that the customer almost bought to try and persuade them to go ahead and buy the product.
  • Browser Abandonment – this is when a customer will view an item then abandon the page. Email can be used to send them information about items they looked at.
  • Target Potential – these are new customers who have not bought from your website previously. They can be identified and sent special promotional codes or vouchers, which may encourage them to visit again and make a purchase.
  • Real Time – this technique involves sending a customer a special deal whilst they are looking at a particular product, which will also help to build your company’s reputation with the customer.
  • Handheld Devices – this involves creating an email to inform customers about an app for their mobile device. This will encourage customers to use these devices to buy your products or services.
  • Personalized Bulk Email – this is a traditional method which involves sending customers information about products that they have viewed on your website. You can personalize the email for each customer and provide them with promotion codes, special offers or links to information about the products.

Targeted email marketing has a solid future which you can use to connect with your customers and encourage them to return to your website and make purchases which is good for your business reputation and your profits.

Solutions For Small Business SEO

Changes within SEO requirements and guidelines as well as competition from your rivals means that you have to keep constant vigilance on the marketplace to ensure your website is placed in an ideal position to attract customers and improve cash flow and profits.  Your business needs to generate up to date and relevant content constantly to maintain or boost its ranking and drive traffic to your website thus increasing your web presence by making your business visible to a wider range of potential customers.

Small businesses can compete with the larger corporations through implementing SEO strategies which are best implemented by an SEO company that has the skills, knowledge and understanding to provide an affordable solution to your business needs and ensure your business is placed in direct competition with your rivals.

SEO companies use some of the following techniques to manage this vital element of your business:

  • Keywords – these are the words or phrases people might type into the search box on their search engine.  It is the most significant element of promoting your online business as the search optimization process is constructed on the relevance of the keywords that apply to your business.  You need to find the particular words associated with your business that maximize the traffic directed to your site.
  • Local Search – this is a fast growing trend and local search is a critical aspect even if you wish to appeal to a much larger market or even have worldwide aspirations.  This is one of the best promotion techniques available.
  • Link Building – this is about establishing a relationships with other websites that will provide a link to your website when customers visit their website.  The search engines will use the number of links and the quality of those links to measure the reliability of your website as an information source.

These techniques can be time consuming and difficult to get right unless you have the technical knowledge to put them into practice.  So, you can hire a SEO company for your small business. SEO Companies will take all the stress out of this process by doing all the hard work for you.