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Directory Submission And SEO

A directory is a database of websites that are broken down into categories and subcategories and although there are some paid directories, there are also many where you can submit your website for free. Directory submission is an often-overlooked SEO technique but it should be considered as one of your strategies for the following reasons:

  • Visibility – submitting your site to a directory can expose your site to a larger audience, which is key to your site’s existence and sustainability. Whenever someone searches for what your business offers in the directory then your site has a chance to be seen and to connect with another potential customer.
  • Linking Opportunities – search engines like genuine links and building links from a quality directory either related to your local area or your industry is one of the best ways to do this. Link building has changed dramatically since the Penguin update but by submitting your website according to the rules will bring significant advantages.

There are a few tips you can follow to make sure you are making the most of directory submission.

Make Sure the Directory Isn’t Banned

It is a waste of time and energy submitting your website to directories that are banned from Google and this is likely to have an adverse effect on your ranking.

Be Organized

Keep a record of where you have submitted your site and when your link became live.  If you’re paying for this service, make sure you note the renewal date and how much it will cost.

Choose Your Category Carefully

If you choose a category that has a lot of links, then yours will likely become more difficult to be seen.  There may be lots of categories linked to your business so find one that has fewer listings.  If you can’t find one you may wish to pay for a featured listing position, which are also considered, of higher value by search engines.

Be Wary of Reciprocal Links

Check the Webmaster guidelines for link exchanges as reciprocal linking may harm your site’s ranking and reputation.

Title Keywords

If you use a keyword in the title of you listing, it will usually become anchor text.  You should check the guidelines of the directory you’re submitting to, as some don’t allow this.

Use The Description Section

You can use this part of the submission to list your keywords so try to include as many as possible while at the same time making the description sound as readable as possible.

Don’t Duplicate

Search engines don’t like duplicated content so make the effort to change up your content, titles and descriptions for each directory you submit to.

Get Your Website On First Page Placement Results

Unless you want to pay for an advert of your company’s website on a search engine’s first page placement in the results, you will have to rely on the way search engines engineer organic placements which is a free service.  Obtaining this result takes time and patience but the effort is definitely worth it.

The following tips will walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure your page ranks highly in search engine results:

  • Make sure each of your webpages on your site are fully optimized with well-considered content and Meta tags correctly labelled. Your site should be able to pass a website optimization test.  There are various free webpage analyzers that you can use to find out if your site is up to scratch.
  • Once your pages are optimized you need to register your website on all the major search engines and business directories in your local area.
  • Start a blog and write articles related to your company, products, services or areas of expertise. This will not only attract customers and give them something to read but it will also attract search engine crawlers that will index the content on the pages.  If you update your blog regularly it will show that your site is active which helps your site rank higher.
  • Start a YouTube Channel and tag videos with keywords and phrases related to the video. This kind of content is very sought after on Google and leads to higher ranking because Google owns YouTube.
  • Take advantage of promoting your business on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter and other sites like Digg, Reddit and LinkedIn and this doesn’t mean just posting your link but about getting actively involved in the social network arena to build your profile and attract referrals.
  • Check out Craig’s List, as there is a “small biz ads” directory and forums where you can post articles. This particular site is heavily linked to search engines, as keywords in your advert will be recognized in search engine queries.
  • Link to others within your industry to help you build your page rank. Inbound links are the most useful.
  • Monitor your progress regularly and make sure you follow the best practice guidelines to limit the risk of incurring any penalties or being removed from the search engines altogether.

Remember you must remain an active participant in helping your organic search engine page ranking become established and maintained.  You should be monitoring and continuing to build up your site over several months to make sure you stay on the first page or risk sliding down the ranks.

Make The Most of Press Release Services

In the last five years there has been an attempt by search engines to value quality content and links to the web and press release services were used as a marketing tool to provide opportunities to do both.  These services are now changing, as they don’t have the same influence as they used to.  Some businesses relied on them as their only source of self-promotion and in the current climate, unless you have something staggering to report, nobody seems that interested.

The other restriction is cost as it can be an expensive strategy to use especially with the other marketing and promotional strategies available that are much more cost effective, but there is still a place for them if you understand what they can do and understand their limitations.

This article will give you some tips for getting the most out of press releases:

  • The content of the press release needs to be written for people and not machines. You don’t need to use repetitive keywords and this is a frowned upon practice known as keyword stuffing.
  • Write for a particular audience and on one theme so that search engines can categorize the information correctly.
  • Use synonyms and variety as this gives your content a more organic feel and makes it better to read for your customers.
  • Include a link to your webpage or relevant content on your site so that those who are interested in knowing more can follow the link. Current guidelines don’t allow for optimized anchor text so just include the URL instead.
  • Using images or video can be a great way to engage your readers and making the content available on social networks will give it an added boost and increase the visibility of your company and the messages you want to share.
  • Make sure the content you write is interesting and engaging as well as useful to your audience so keep this in mind when writing, use the language your customers use and provide tips, hints or other useful information.
  • Try to write the press release in a way that your readers will understand. Avoid jargon or anything technically related to your organization as your everyday customer may not understand or get bored and just click off.
  • Remember search engines are always updating what they use to index your content and you need to keep abreast of all the changes. Best practices are available for all to view and you should review them regularly to make sure you are complying with current standards to avoid your content being ignored or even worse leading to a ban and removal from search engines.

If you don’t have experience of writing press releases, there are a variety of professional companies who would be able to manage this for you and provide a cost effective service for your business.