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How to Improve Your Website SEO

Before you can hope to have your new website accessed by people all over the world, it is important to understand how search engines find your content and deliver it to searchers. SEO means search engine optimization – that is just a fancy way of saying it is the feature which takes your content and allows search engines to find it quickly and effectively, based on search terms. This optimization works for most search engines across the board including Google Search, Yahoo! Search, Bing, and many more.

This may seem daunting – how can I make my website important enough to show up in someone’s search results? But it is not as scary as it may sound. There are a number of things a website SEO provider can do to boost your content to the first pages of search results.

So what is important to consider when trying to boost your website SEO?

  • Structure: is your website structured well? Are things easy to find or is your organization a little confusing? Yes, search engines take this into account.
  • Content: is your content relevant to the keywords or tags you are using? Do you have content that links to other sites with similarly relevant content?
  • Performance: does your site run quickly and smoothly? Or do your pages take a long time to load?
  • Experience: will users to your site find it easily accessible and engaging? Or is your site hard to look at so people will not want to come back in the future? Does your site look trust worthy or will people fear that their personal information can be accessed or stolen? Are your downloads trustworthy or will people fear downloading viruses along with your content?

It is also important to keep your SEO use consistent across all the different social media platforms, if you intend on using them to push traffic to your site. By using the same, relevant, keywords everywhere that you post about your site, you will get more relevant rankings in search results. This means if you post links on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., then it is best to use the same key words.

Just remember your target audience and think of the things you look for in a good website. Those are things other people are looking for too, and your SEO provider can help you to reach your target audience.

Make Organic SEO Work For You

When most people think of SEO (search engine optimization) they sometimes forget that it does not have to be complicated to work! But there are methods for optimizing your search engine results which are not so complicated, and which you can get working for you right away. Sometimes simplicity is better and less complicated. So how does organic SEO work?

  • Organic SEO works by using a series of significant keywords which will help your page or post to show up on web searches in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., on essentially any sort of search engine.
  • Back links are another way in which web searches will be more likely to bring up your content. By including links back to your site on another website, search engines consider your site to be increasingly relevant to your search terms.
  • Perhaps most importantly, high quality content on your website will boost your SEO results. Is your content good, and is the main topic truly reflected in your tags or keywords? This can make a huge difference when it comes to a search engine considering your content to be relevant in a search.

In short, boosting your SEO the organic way can be a very manageable option for you and your website. While it is still best to hire someone to help with your search engine optimization, it is helpful to keep these things in mind as you prepare content for your website. By following closely with the recommendations of your SEO provider you will be able to have great success in boosting traffic to your web page or posts.

Organic SEO can be tricky because results will be adaptive to the audience, which finds itself on your site. If a particular search criterion continually leads people to your site then the search engines will consider your site to be primarily relevant to that search criteria. Sometimes these aren’t the search terms you would primarily like your site to be found by. This is why it is important to have an SEO provider who knows what audience you are looking to attract with your site. In that way they will be much more capable of targeting certain buzz words and key words to help get the right people to your web page.

Use Social Bookmarking To Your Advantage

Websites dedicated to social bookmarking have been around for a while now and the purpose of them is for people to share their favorite websites with others.  It’s a bit like saving a website to your favorites in your browser but instead of it just being available to you it’s available to others who also use the bookmarking site too.

After the Penguin update by google social bookmarking became more about building relationships instead of building links, which is now a very much-penalized activity.  It’s now about making connections with people and this created the possibility to receive organic inbound links from others who think your content and website has credibility.

This article will show you how you can use social bookmarking to start building relationships and connect with others in a way that will help your website grow and gain a good reputation:

Be Specific

Visit the social bookmarking sites and find out which categories cater for what you have to offer.  There will be a variety of different keywords that are specific to your business so take note of the keywords that are being used and the content that is being bookmarked.

Check Out Those Who Share Bookmarks

Some people who bookmark on social bookmarking sites will be spammers.  You need to find people who post quality links and then make contact with those who have a good page rank or quality backlinks as they will be the ones who have authority.

Create Excellent Content

Once you have some excellent content you may wish to promote your website to those you identified as great bookmarkers and ask them to see what they think of your site.  You really have to have some solid, interesting and engaging content for this to work including graphics and video if possible while making it personal and up to date.

Be Careful with Your Approach

Try not to come over as a spammer and ask if they would mind bookmarking or linking to you.  They could even give your site a tweet or maybe they would post a review.  This kind of request gives them options and helps to build the relationship.

In the past social bookmarking was misused as many thought it was a cheap way to get a lot of links to promote their content.  The way it works now is to build a community, value opinions and connect with people.  You’re more likely to understand your audience and potential customers if you have content that appeals and become well known through building genuine trust with your followers.