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Making the most of PPC management

If you have done your research and think that pay per click advertising is something that you would like to use to give your website a boost then it can help to first learn exactly a PPC management does, and how this will help to strengthen your online SEO efforts. First of all, though, ensure that you know a few things about PPC in general so that you can understand what and how exactly your PPC manager can help.

What can your PPC manager add?
There are so many different elements that a PPC manager can work on to make your advertising campaign more effective, here are some of the main benefits, though. But first, is PPC right for you?

Is PPC right for your website?
PPC ads are an effective and unique marketing strategy to get your business out there in front of your audience, though it can be more effective for some businesses and industries than others. But what are the main criteria that should be considered? Among the many advantages of PPC advertising is the fact that it can be a very cost-effective way to advertise a website, and the budget you spend is something which you can decide with your PPC manager. You will also benefit from being verified by the search engine, Google as an example, which can’t be a bad thing in the eyes of potential customers. Finally, you should consider using PPC marketing while your website is still young to get the ball rolling and to give you a head start when acquiring your new customer base.

Other types of businesses which will particularly benefit with PPC marketing are those in saturated markets. If for example there are a dozen pizza delivery services in your area then PPC is one way of differentiating your business.

More Effective Keywords
A PPC manager has access to analytics which describes how well or poorly different keywords (those that you advertise with) perform. This helps to find those which are working well so that you can focus on them and abandon those which aren’t performing. You may also find that the keywords which cost more are not necessarily those which perform the best, allowing you to cut them to save money, and improve your overall results. By experimenting, you can also find hidden gems that your competition are yet to take advantage of, giving you a competitive edge.

Target “ready to buy” customers
An experienced PPC manager can see which types of search are close to the point of purchase; this means customers who have done their research and are now looking to buy. Focusing on this core group means that you can address the customers who are more likely to make a purchase, and this can make a huge difference to your successes online. Targeting customers close to the point of purchase isn’t easy, but over time you can build up an idea of how these people search through trial and error, the prize is certainly worth the hunt.


How does blog posting pull in traffic?

Using blog posting in your website’s own custom-made blog is one of the more advanced SEO techniques that you can work on to improve your overall relationship and performance with the search engine and your customer. Once you have addressed the most common and fundamental SEO methods from design to keyword use, we highly recommend taking things a step further by using blog posting. And since much of your competition will not have their own blog spaces, this is one of a handful of ways that you can make big gains on your competitors.

For your Customer
If you’re inexperienced with the idea of blogging, then a quick explanation can help to inform why exactly they are so useful. A blog, unlike the rest of your static website, is composed of many short and brief posts, usually on a single subject. These posts slowly shift down the list as new posts are made, and after some time, you might have dozens of pages of posts on particular niche interests and specialist articles on a range of subjects.

For the majority of your customers, these blog posts will go unseen, it’s for the minority that your blog will make a big difference for. Any customer who has a particular interest in your product or service may like to know more information to inform their choice, and while each interest might be unique, so will each post in your blog. Over time you will hopefully build up an archive of posts which address all common FAQs, making you an authority on your topic.

For your Website
Your blog posts can also play a role as an entrance to your website. If you have addressed a particular subject in one of your posts, then users searching for this subject may be directed to your site solely because of one blog post, and this can lead to a new audience finding your entire website, and this means more traffic. I always think of it as like having many different front doors, on different streets, all of which lead into the same shop (yours). Plus if a customer or visitor has found something on your site that they hadn’t found on their usual site, there is a good chance they will come to you first next time again.

For the Search Engine
For the search engine, your blog plays a somewhat different role. Each and every piece that you post to your blog is compounded with the rest of your content, allowing the search engine to better understand your website and the information inside. Each time you make a blog post the search engine sees this as website activity and this also improves how your website is ranked by the search engine, improving your overall SEO results. Everything that goes onto your website is like evidence, or clues, for the search engine which wants to gather up that information so as to direct their users as well as possible to the most relevant info, posting a blog full of relevant info helps the search engine in its acquisition to understand your website a great deal.


Accessible and affordable SEO practices

One of the main concerns with business owners who are inexperienced with SEO is the price, and this largely comes from an ignorance of what exactly SEO is, and therefore what the investment is for. As you might expect, large industry leading businesses to spend a great deal on SEO each year, though this is relative, and there is no reason that as a small business that you can’t make use of affordable SEO practices which mirror your larger competition.

Custom Blog Creation
A slightly less often used method of search engine optimisation which is fantastic for improving your website rank, as well as creating a cult following for your content is custom blog creation. A custom blog is simply a blog built into your website, you may have seen the tag “blog” in the menu for many websites before, even if you haven’t entered the blogs before. Plus the fact that many sites don’t use blogs mean that this is an opportunity to get one up on all those sites.

Among other things, your blog is a place for you to put all relevant content which doesn’t quite make the cut for your static pages. These static pages contain all of the most relevant and important information that every single one of your customers needs to know, your blog then is a place that you can store additional information that some of your more interested customers might want. A final perk worth mentioning on the subject of custom blogs is that they by their nature are short but regular posts, and this is great for keeping your website active in the eye of the search engine. Plus, it’s a very inexpensive method of SEO.

Experiment with Keywords
Keyword research has long been one of the most productive and favourite methods of affordable website SEO, and there are even free tools out there now to assist with the role. By experimenting with new keywords, and trying  to blend long as well as short tail keywords and phrases you may be able to innovate in ways that your have yet to consider, getting you ahead of the crowd.

When researching and implementing keywords in your web content, exercise with caution. It’s important that you place keywords according to the web etiquette set by search engines, especially Google. Once you could get away with repeating the same few popularly searched words in your content and get onto the first page of Google, now though the search algorithm is more sophisticated, and it will more likely demote your page than promote it if you overuse keywords, AKA keyword stuffing.

Backlink Partnerships
You might know that a link in your content that directs a user to a page on another website is called a backlink, though you might not know their usefulness. When you connect with content outside of your website, you are extending the scope of information that you can deliver to your visitors, this also reads well with the search engine by allowing it to see your content in a wider context.