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Achievable first page placement goals

The way it seems to many, is that finding a web page from your site on the first page of Google is a little like winning the lottery, though this is far from the truth. In fact, many small websites rack up first page placements each month, whether they know it or not. It should also be said that unlike winning the lottery, achieving first-page placement takes skill, hard work, and plenty of determination. It also requires industry knowledge, and expertise.

Make your Content Superior
First of all, whatever your industry is, you need to be competitive with the very biggest and best, and, you also need to be better than they are. Recent developments in Google and other search engines mean that the way page placement is decided is fairer than ever, and even small websites play on a level playing field meaning that any business can achieve first-page placement with the right approach.

First off, you must do your research. Search around to educate yourself about what your nearest competition or the competition that you aspire to is doing. This is important both inform you of things that you are doing right, as well as things you’re missing and even perhaps ways that you have in common with your competitors that you should do away with. Once you have an idea of what’s on offer elsewhere, it’s for you to make something even better. If this still seems ambitious then consider the skyscraper theory.

The skyscraper theory says that nobody ever searches the second tallest building (or at least, far fewer do than who search for the first tallest). It is partly for this reason that you must do everything the competition does, plus a little and extra. This isn’t as challenging as it first seems since you begin by using your competition for ideas and inspiration.

Informed Keyword Research
Although it’s simple to carry out basic keyword research, you need an expert to assist you when it comes to high-level keyword research used in pay per click ads. If you tap into less widely used keywords than the bulk of your competition, and if you can differentiate your keywords with synonyms then you can pick up steam, increase your web traffic, and climb the search engine result pages to achieve more regular first-page placement.

Take advantage of local traffic
One final method that helps in the quest for first-page placement, particularly in the case of smaller businesses as a shortcut to the top of search results is by targeting your local customer case who may well be your main audience. Simply placing the name of your local town or city in your keywords you help you to guarantee that at least local searches should find your web pages at the top of the search results. When you have these pages in place, traffic will grow organically, and you will see a snowball effect take place, growing your traffic exponentially.


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