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An organic SEO checklist for small businesses

It’s often taken for granted that while the internet is a forum for businesses that cross all industries, as well as charities, news stations, and other sites which simply offer information on their given subject, not many of these will have much, if any, previous knowledge of what organic SEO is, and certainly not how to implement it. For all of you out there who this might apply to, it can be really very helpful to begin by making a checklist that you work your way through. There are a number of benefits to this, but mainly i think by keeping each element separate, it’s easier to keep track of progress, and in time to have a better understanding of how they interact.

The design of your website is the first impression any of your customers will make of your business, and if it isn’t right, it may be their last. Fear not, though, an SEO expert is well versed in putting together simple yet attractive design.

Responsive Design
This relates to mobile website design. Responsive effectively means that your website design will be able to respond to different device types to format your content in the most eye pleasing way possible. By now, with over half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, this isn’t something you want to miss out on.

Keyword Research
A keyword is a term used to describe certain keywords or phrases that you use in the content on your website to direct your content to the search engine, and your customer base. By ensuring that you’re using best terminology you can pick up more traffic, and feature higher on the search engine. By experimenting with new and different synonyms of keywords you might be able to make your content more competitive, and stay a step ahead of your competition.

Building Backlinks
When you have a link in your content which directs a user to another website, this is a backlink. Building backlinks is a key and fundamental method of SEO that has been in use since the beginning of SEO and the internet. There are two main reasons that backlinks are useful, firstly they connect your site to a wider web of context, making it easier for a search engine to understand what your site or page is about. Secondly, by building backlink partnerships over time, you should begin to see sites linking back to your content from theirs.

Blog Posting
The final thing worth mentioning in this post as a way to grow your organic SEO is to post in a blog on your website. There are plenty of purposes that you could put a blog to use for, ideally, you’ll use it to post things which aren’t quite necessary to the majority of your audience, but which will no less be appreciated by at least some or many of them. One advantage of using a blog is that customers of your competition who are not offered the niche advice or information will eventually go looking for someone who does offer it, and this may well introduce them to your business.

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