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Market Your Business Through Blog Posting

If you want to start a blog for your business, it’s vital that you read this article as it will help you to understand how blog posting can have serious marketing potential.  A blog can help your business to:

  • Engage with your customers and develop relationships by asking for their feedback and comments while simultaneously allowing them to get to know your business, build trust and give you a unique insight into what your customers want.
  • Make a name for your company in your particular industry with blog posts that are full of expert content and information which will make you a valuable resource and lead to higher traffic, which will help you gain a good reputation.
  • Show the personal side of your company and give others an idea of your ethos, vision and personality.
  • Create opportunities for your blog to be shared with others. If a customer shares your blog on social media, then they are essentially marketing our company for free.
  • Fresh and interesting content is a great way to help boost your search engine ranking as it gives search engines content to index and keywords to help improve your visibility further.

So how can you get your blog noticed?  Here are some tips to help you:

Research Keywords

You will naturally use keywords in your blog posts but it’s important to find out which keywords will bring more traffic your way so finding relevant keywords is something to consider.  There are lots of tools and techniques available to help you find out.

Use Keywords in Your Posts

Place your keywords where they will be seen by your potential customers and by the search engines that will index your content.  So places like the title, any headings used in your post, the first and last paragraph as well as Meta tags.  Be careful not to engage in keyword stuffing – using a keyword too many times as this is something that many search engines penalize.

Think About Images

Search engines can’t read an image by itself but it can read the filename and alternative text field name so make sure keywords are used here.

Use Links to Reference Others

When you are quoting or giving credit to another blogger then include a link to the information.  This is good etiquette and you may get a link back from them.

Allow People to Subscribe

You may offer RSS or subscription options so that people visiting your site can receive notification when you add new content.

Make Use of Social Media

Use twitter and Facebook to make connections with customers or attract new ones by promoting your blog posts and increasing your blog’s exposure.  Social media provides free marketing after all so take advantage.

Give Your Website Personality With A Web Presenter

A web presenter is a professional actor who brings a voice to your website.  It’s a new way for you to connect and communicate with your visitors as it will immediately perk their interest and hold their attention.

Web presenters can:

  • Welcome your customers
  • Help you deliver important messages
  • Explain your products and services
  • Meet your business objectives
  • Highlight particular pages
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Build trust with your customers

Video on your website increases your site traffic and results in higher online sales.  A web presenter is a virtual sales person who presents a friendly and personal touch to your website and is able to get your message across much easier than your visitors having to read through a lot of text.

There are numerous professional companies who can help you to create a live online personality from the initial stages through to the final production of the video and installation on your website.  The following points outline the various stages you will go through to make a web presenter a reality on your website;

  • Develop The Concept – the company you choose will get an overall understanding of your website and what you want your web presenter to talk about and any graphics you want included.
  • Choose A Presenter – you will be given a selection of professional presenters to choose from so you can find one that matches the personality, look and style of your website.
  • Design and Write A Script – either do it yourself or have a professional scriptwriter write one for you to deliver the content using the style and tone of voice you want to deliver.
  • Creation of Your Video – The video will then be recorded and edited to produce a basic format, which can then be digitally enhanced.
  • Choose Interactive Graphics – these can be part of your message or be linked to the presentation being delivered by your presenter to make their point.
  • Installation of Your Video – your video will be installed onto your webpage or the creator will provide what’s needed for you to do it instead.

So now you have some idea of the process you will go through, now all you need to do is find a professional company to help you realize this important step to making your website even more appealing to your customers.

Why You Need a Press Release Service

Submitting press releases can be incredibly time-consuming as you approach each individual or entity and submit your article. It’s tedious and can be monotonous. It’s also stealing valuable time that you could be applying to other aspects of running your business or website. Your solution is to seek out and hire a press release service to get your information in the right hands and generate increased traffic to your website. I’m going to highlight what a service can do for you and why you need to find one for your next submission.


A professional press release service specializes in composing and distributing your information. These specialists can be far more effective at optimizing your content and reaching far more organizations that are waiting to publish your company’s press release. Your news will be polished and contain relevant keywords to catch the eye of search engines. You will begin to gain increased media attention and your page rankings will climb as your information is placed in the right hands. In addition, a press release service will gain you even more benefits.

  • You will reach readers that you would not have found normally
  • Your submission will be optimized and of a higher quality
  • Search engine rankings will be higher
  • Indexing by all the major news engines
  • Increased RSS feeds
  • Increased website traffic
  • Branding defense and enhancement
  • Increased exposure through mainstream news

A professional in press releases can ensure that your information is submitted to fresh and relevant outlets, while ensuring that you don’t “burn up” existing outlets. Using an experienced and high quality press release service takes the burden of creation, submission and dissemination from business owners and gives them the ability to perform more vital tasks.

Press releases are invaluable for a business or website owner who need to get new or information to the public. It can help to define or defend your brand identity and generate new internet traffic. Simplify your life and focus your attention on making money by giving the responsibility to a skilled and knowledgeable press release service agency. You won’t regret your decision.

Build Your Business with Forum Posting

Forums have emerged as a great tool to bring people with the same interests or needs together in one place. It brings together people from all corners of the globe to provide input on a topic of interest. A forum posting can be a great way to get opinions, validate ideas and ask questions. While this can be a great tool for individuals, it can also be a tool used by business owners to reach a wide audience. But, how can you as a business owner use forums to your business’ advantage? Here’s how:

Step 1: Search and Find
The first step is to find a forum that fits your business profile. To find forums, introduce search terms into the search engine and find relevant forums. Look for forums that are fairly active and have at least 1000 members. It would help if the forum you are looking at is also dedicated to the local area that your business is in, especially if your product is location specific, but that is something that depends on your business and product.

Step 2: Build Your Profile
Once you have selected a forum you wanted to be seen on, it’s time to build your profile. Be very clear about who you are. Portray yourself as a business. Complete the full profile and create the profile in your business’ name. Enter in details like your location, your website’s URL and your products. This way, if a forum posting attracts the attention of a prospective client, your profile is there to provide accurate information.

Step 3: Make a Post
Now, you’re ready to post to a forum. Find a forum relevant to your business and answer a question or give your input on an idea that was posted. It might look like giving out free help, but really you are establishing your expertise in the field.

While forum posting can be a great way to attract new visitors to your site and new customers to your business, ensure that you have a website with strong content waiting for them when they click on your business link. There always needs to be a strong product and business behind the forum posting.

Enhance Your SEO with Forum and Blog Posting

A great way to generate quality back links is to use forum and blog posting. While it is possible to do this yourself the time you would need to invest to do it properly would make it a full time job. The alternative is to use professional service that can take care of the content and the back linking that can increase your visibility and help to funnel traffic to your website.

How Is This Done?
The service has accounts for each of its posting team on many different forums and they can introduce links to your website and the content on the website in the appropriate forums that are both popular and well regarded by the major search engines. In some forums the links and information will also be incorporated into the signature area giving maximum flexibility in form post content while still making every post a link to your website.

Blog Posts
This can then be used to publicize and increase the SEO of your blog posting. This gives a funnel effect as the links from the form go to the blog and the blog goes to your website. It is important that the blog be updated regularly so that people that are attracted to your blog can know that if the check in every few days or every week there will be something new posted for them to read and comment on.

One of the serious mistakes that can be made is to concentrate in getting the maximum quantity out without ensuring quality. A professional forum and blog posting service can balance this so that information that is posted is relevant and interesting instead of appearing as spam that will be ignored or even reflect negatively on your business.

Search Engine Changes
The recent search engine changes have clamped down on mass posting techniques. This is because the people that use search engines want interesting and relevant content. Attempts to increase SEO with mass postings can result in reduced rankings or even blacklist of your blog site and website. It is important that you have the advice of an experienced company that can obtain maximum exposure without incurring the wrath of the search engine companies.