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Developing a successful organic SEO approach

As a business operating online, it’s critical to have at least a basic understanding of how success online relies on a steady organic SEO approach. Once your basic website design and content is in place it’s time to get to work on your search engine optimisation efforts.


It’s completely understandable that not everyone operating online will have knowledge of what SEO is, and how it works in advance, however taking one step at a time and growing your SEO techniques slowly is completely manageable for any business. So, what should you start with?


Content production and keyword implementation

It’s easy to lose track when focusing on SEO that the reason a website has a purpose in the first place is for the content it contains. As a business in any industry, you are an authority, and the info that you want to convey to your audience should always remain your top priority.

This might mean spending more time assessing the competition and improving your web content, or, if writing isn’t exactly your speciality then an SEO can provide content writing services to assist you.

Another core component worth mentioning here is keyword research and implementation. Finding the right keywords means utilising specialist software which analyses the most popular search terms for any given topic, and then to implement these key terms you must find natural ways to fit them into your content.

Design and responsive design
Regardless of the content of your website, the design remains important, particularly when it comes to users finding your site for the first time. This does not mean that your site needs to be overly flashy, however. The best-designed sites utilise simplicity to maintain focus on what’s important, the content.

Responsive design is all about building a website which can cater to different device types, offering access to a website via either a desktop computer or otherwise a tablet or mobile device. As you may or may not know, mobile browsing now makes up a majority of all web traffic and it simply isn’t optional today if you’re looking to be competitive online.

Site architecture
Another key area to focus on with your SEO approach is one which largely exists behind the scenes and which relates to your website’s inner architecture. This is all about how your pages and menus link together to form the overall structure of the site. By having a simple, clear, logical, and easily navigated infrastructure both your client as well as bots from the search engine will find it less complicated to browse your site.

Custom Blog Posting
Once you have the basics all in place, it’s worth considering having a custom blog built as an additional way to organically grow your SEO efforts further. Having a custom blog space built for your website means you have an extra “wing” to your website, separate from the rest, in which you can store any additional content you like. This can just be a place that you give news about the business, staff, and so on, like a bio, or it can be taken advantage of for additional content.

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