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Proven website SEO techniques

Website SEO has changed and evolved a great deal over the last decade or so, however, many of the central tenets have remained similar if not the same, and it’s good to keep track of developments to ensure that your site is optimised as well as it can be. For this reason we wanted to go over some of the most important and proven SEO techniques to serve as a checklist for you and your website. If you’re not doing anything on the list already, then we recommend you focus on it right away.

Blog Posting
One great way of improving your search engine ranking is by adding a blog to your site. Your blog is the perfect place to add additional info, to address your niche readership, and to increase the activity of your website as far as the search engine is concerned.

Simple Design
Gone are the days where a website was novel. Today the internet is a necessity, and billions of us all around the globe are connected to the internet from the start of each morning to the end of each night. As such, what was exciting and groundbreaking in the late nineties is probably old and tired by now, and this includes designing overly flashy website pages.

Think of your website design as the decorum of your business. Too much colour and particularly bright colours can look tacky, and they can also detract from your actual content. The best approach we can advise when it comes to website design is to keep things clean, simple, and subtle. No website, whatever the subject, is going to look bad using a black and white colour format, and if you do want to make use of colours, try soft, calming, tonal colour palettes. This keeps your site looking classy and classic, and it also helps to focus the viewer’s eye on what’s most important, your content.  

Responsive Design
Responsive website design, as opposed to “m.sites” or mobile sub-domains, have become the clear go-to method of designing for mobile devices. What makes responsive design so superior to the alternatives is that it keeps all of your content together in one place, and allows that one website to respond to serve any device, be it your home PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile seamlessly and without delay. Further, all of the limitations found with the other options are irrelevant making responsive design the all round clear choice.

Keeping Keyword Research Subtle
Keyword research has been one of the leading methods of search engine optimisation since the dawn of the internet, and in many respects this remains unchanged. What has changed though is the search engine’s ability to find inauthentic keyword use. Once upon a time, a website could amass views by simply cramming popular keywords into a given piece of text, and this practice has become known as keyword stuffing. Today the search engine uses far more complex algorithms to assess content, and will punish the overuse of keywords, so keep things subtle and relevant.


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