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Online visibility

The visibility of your website determines how prevalent it will be in the targeted search results which we are aiming to improve through our search engine optimization efforts. Here at Elite Marketing Solutions we focus on all different aspects of the search engine optimization formula in order to create a strong and healthy presence for your website online. Our efforts aim to increase visibility, as well as expand the exposure of your website. By working on both of these factors in tandem we are able to rank you higher than those competitors who only focus on a single aspect in their SEO campaigns.

Online visibility on Google is extremely important for business websites. The majority of searches have come from Google in the past and it is used daily around the world to help customers connect with businesses who can help them meet their needs. By increasing your company's visibility on Google you can put yourself in a position to convert new customers who could continue to do business with your company for years down the road.

Online visibility on Bing is another important aspect of increasing the visibility of your page. Bing uses a slightly different algorithm than Google to rank their search engine results and it is worth it to spend the time optimizing your business' website to rank well on all of the major search engines. This will allow you to bring in the largest number of targeted potential customers possible.

Visibility on Yahoo completes the major search engines that we should be focused on targeting. Almost all search traffic comes through one of these three engines and increasing your company's visibility on all three will mean the largest increase in conversion numbers from visitors to customers. This means that you will see the greatest return on investment in your internet marketing campaign.

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