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Give Your Website a Face with a Web Presenter

Website design is constantly evolving and each tactic to incorporate new marketing tools into your website leads to a cropping up of a newer, more evolved tool. The newest rage in website design is the use of a web presenter. These presenters can be incorporated into various videos in different sections of the website to welcome guests or sell your product. Here are a few benefits of using this great marketing tool on your website:

  • Visualize: Words are a great tool to get your product out, but images count for more….videos for even more. Using a web presenter on your website to present your products can breathe life into your products.
  • Add the Human Touch: Most websites can be impersonal, but in incorporating videos or presenters within your website can introduce a human element into your website. This introduces trust among your visitors and will make your website more presentable.
  • Show Off: You know your website or product is different and good, but do your visitors know that? Probably not so much with words, but with videos, you can portray your products and your website in a whole new light. So, feel free to show off in your video.
  • One Time Investment: While other marketing tools require constant updates and fees, videos –especially homepage videos-can be an economical marketing option. You only have to pay to make a video once and pay for it once, especially if it is a generic home page video. While some customization is recommended, it’s not necessarily required to do so.
  • Tap into Video Search Engines: Incorporating videos into your website opens up a new marketing tool for you. The videos are also a way to attract the attention of video search engines that can also attract more visitors to your website.

While the act of incorporating videos with web presenters may be a new addition, it is not hard to incorporate in the existing design of your website. In addition, for the price, it offers some great benefits. It can also help you increase your traffic, income and profits, in the long run.

Use Targeted Email Marketing to Build Your Business

With the advent of the Internet, much of the marketing targeted towards individuals and families through mail has taken a huge hit. It has invariably been replaced with marketing on an Internet level. More specifically, mail marketing has been replaced with targeted email marketing. It is a great marketing option for business owners as it is easier, quicker and can take less time to set up and use. But, to effectively use this tool, there are a few integral steps to follow. Here they are:

Step 1: Encourage Subscriptions
You want your visitors to become repeat visitors. One way to make that happen is through targeted email marketing. But, this is most effective when visitors themselves sign up to receive your emails- this ensures that only those who are really interested receive emails. This helps you target interested audiences and ensure that information is reaching the right people.

Step 2: Offer Options
While signing visitors up for emails may be an easy task, getting them to sign up for something that they will actually open and read is critical. So, offer your audience options of what they receive in their inbox. For example, if you have an art business and visitors only want to know of your projects and not necessarily your sales, respect that and send only project emails to these members. While this may not seem significant, it encourages users to come to your site, which may eventually lead to sales too. So, be sure to build dedicated email lists noting clearly what content each list receives.

Step 3: Manage Content
We all get a lot of emails everyday and really, nobody likes useless emails. No matter what timeline you decide for your emails, make sure they are filled with relevant content and ensure that all the links that are incorporated in the email are live and consistent among web browsers. A good rule to follow is to make your emails 70% informative and 30% of a sales pitch.

Step 4: Be Consistent
Be timely with your emails. Consistency is key with this tool. Make sure your emails reach the right population at the right times.

With targeted email marketing, it is necessary to ensure that you do your part to develop relevant content for your audience on a regular basis. This encourages repeat visits and increased sales.

Be Seen With Small Business SEO

Small businesses have loads of passions and dreams behind them. They are a brainchild of dedicated, creative individuals. But, every business, as a small business, needs an effective way to reach out to their customers as well as to attract potential ones. A small business SEO plan can be a great addition to your small business marketing plan and can benefit your business in multiple ways. Here are some of the ways you can choose the right SEO services for your small business.

Reach New Markets or Not
When you start your small business, you already know who your product is aimed for. So, determine your audience and a SEO service can help you get there. If you aim is local, SEO can help you make your presence known in your community and if your aim is to reach global markets, that can happen too. The good thing about small business SEO is that it can be made to fit your business and its needs. So, choose a SEO service that can help you reach the goals you want to reach.

Look for Parallel Pasts
When looking at a SEO service’s portfolio, keep an eye out for clients similar to your business in the past of the SEO service. The presence of other small businesses can mean that they are familiar with small business needs and can fulfil them.

Look for Transparency
Before hiring any SEO service, find out exactly how they propose to fulfil your SEO needs. Be sure to figure out what practices they will be employing to meet your SEO goals. You need to make sure SEO practices are organic and will not tarnish your websites rankings. Wrong SEO practices can detrimentally harm your website and its search engine ranking.

There can be no absolute perfect when it comes to marketing tactics, but there are ways to get close to perfect by hiring capable small business SEO services. Choosing the right SEO service can help you reach new markets and get your product out to new clients. Making sure the SEO service you choose knows your markets, your marketing goals and your audience is important to making SEO work for you.