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Local Internet Marketing For Small To Mid-Size Businesses

If you are interested in expanding your client base you may have already started your own website.  Perhaps it’s not bringing you the kind of results you were expecting, but the thought of using more conventional methods of advertising like placing adverts in newspapers or making television or radio commercials are out of the question because they are just not within your budget.

Internet promotion and advertising techniques are allowing businesses to immerse themselves within their own marketplace in a way they couldn’t before.  This increases business online as well as over the phone and foot traffic, by using local Internet marketing tools to optimize their business opportunities

How can you improve public relations in your local area using the Internet?  Here are ten top tips to help you establish a connection with your customers:

  1. Establish personal connections and be creative with how you inform your customer about your products or services.
  2. Have a web presence – your own website with pictures, videos, special offers, vouchers and an online brochure if applicable of the products or services your business offers.
  3. Have your site optimized for search engines by an expert who can help your business rank highly and attract customers.
  4. Let people know about your website.  Include it on business cards, flyers, social media pages or any of the conventional advertising methods your business uses.
  5. Use local social networking to your advantage.  Set up a Facebook and Twitter account and make your presence known.
  6. Create coupons or vouchers for your local market that will entice customers to return.
  7. Build an email list.  This is key to implementing a successful local marketing campaign.
  8. Use online blogs and forums to reach the local public to highlight products and services and let customers know about new developments.
  9. Tell your story; write articles and reviews of your products and services.
  10. Ask your customers to refer a friend or someone they think may benefit from your service or products and offer them a reward for their referral.

Finding A Reliable And Affordable SEO Company

A vital online marketing tool for many years has been optimizing websites so they rank highly on search engines.  It has become viewed recently as an out-dated mode of advertising but there are experts who believe these ideas are misconstrued and that SEO is viewed as some kind of trick to boost website ratings.  It is a legitimate strategy that businesses can use to make their website more visible to customers, however with the ever changing guidelines and processes required for SEO it is difficult to keep up to date with what needs to be done to maintain high rankings unless you have that expert knowledge and understanding of how SEO works.

As an example, the importance of content marketing has changed significantly from it’s early days of writing a simple web page to what we see now with web page content including info-graphics, video and relevant social media elements that customers will use.  It can be difficult for someone without this expert knowledge to understand how they can fully optimize their presence on the web.  An SEO company can offer services that will do this for your business and provide an affordable solution to attract customers and increase profits.

It can be difficult to find a company that can fully meet your needs.  You need to make sure the company you choose is fully compliant with the Webmaster guidelines as well as the Google optimization rules.

The following tips will help you find an affordable SEO company that will provide you with an effective service:

  • Discover how the company chooses their keywords.
  • Make sure they are distinguishing between qualified and unqualified bulk traffic. This means making sure the traffic directed to your site is from people who actually want to buy your products or services instead of people who are paid to click advertisements.
  • Ensure the company is aware of how to convert visitors into consumers through relevant and current content management and maximizing social media influence.
  • If the company you use are going to resort to pay per click advertising (PPC) make sure you know how much this will cost as it is not designed to boost ongoing search engine visibility but as a specific marketing strategy.


Reasons To Outsource Website SEO Services

Improving your online presence and the popularity of your website can be most effectively achieved through search engine optimization (SEO).  Your business may provide products or services with a particular focus in mind and to ensure your maximize the chances of attracting them you should consider the following:

  • Being available and visible to your customers, providing them with a website to visit and relevant information about your business and products that will encourage them to buy from you and give them a means of placing orders and paying for their goods or services.
  • In this world of instant gratification it is vital that your business is easy to find. When anyone needs information now they use a search engine.  It takes seconds to type in a search query and retrieve a list of websites that can help or answer that query.  People don’t tend to trawl through page after page of results; they choose the websites that appear at the top of the first page.  Website SEO will ensure that your website appears highly ranked on search engines and give your customers instant access to what your company has to offer.

SEO can be a very time consuming and an expensive solution if businesses choose to try to optimize their websites themselves.  This is where the services of an SEO company can streamline the process and provide your business with a more cost effective solution because they have the knowledge and understanding required to ensure your website is ranked highly through their current tried and tested methods.  They know how to:

  • Arrange and manage the content and images of your website to make it relevant.
  • Complete relevant market research to plan a strategy to maximize exposure of your business and website.
  • Research and identify common keywords.
  • Ensure your website is consistently ranked highly on all the search engines.
  • Make connections with other popular websites your customers may access.
  • Keep social media and blog websites for your business up to date.
  • Provide you with reports on the results of their service so you can monitor the effectiveness of their efforts.