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Developing a successful organic SEO approach

As a business operating online, it’s critical to have at least a basic understanding of how success online relies on a steady organic SEO approach. Once your basic website design and content is in place it’s time to get to work on your search engine optimisation efforts.


It’s completely understandable that not everyone operating online will have knowledge of what SEO is, and how it works in advance, however taking one step at a time and growing your SEO techniques slowly is completely manageable for any business. So, what should you start with?


Content production and keyword implementation

It’s easy to lose track when focusing on SEO that the reason a website has a purpose in the first place is for the content it contains. As a business in any industry, you are an authority, and the info that you want to convey to your audience should always remain your top priority.

This might mean spending more time assessing the competition and improving your web content, or, if writing isn’t exactly your speciality then an SEO can provide content writing services to assist you.

Another core component worth mentioning here is keyword research and implementation. Finding the right keywords means utilising specialist software which analyses the most popular search terms for any given topic, and then to implement these key terms you must find natural ways to fit them into your content.

Design and responsive design
Regardless of the content of your website, the design remains important, particularly when it comes to users finding your site for the first time. This does not mean that your site needs to be overly flashy, however. The best-designed sites utilise simplicity to maintain focus on what’s important, the content.

Responsive design is all about building a website which can cater to different device types, offering access to a website via either a desktop computer or otherwise a tablet or mobile device. As you may or may not know, mobile browsing now makes up a majority of all web traffic and it simply isn’t optional today if you’re looking to be competitive online.

Site architecture
Another key area to focus on with your SEO approach is one which largely exists behind the scenes and which relates to your website’s inner architecture. This is all about how your pages and menus link together to form the overall structure of the site. By having a simple, clear, logical, and easily navigated infrastructure both your client as well as bots from the search engine will find it less complicated to browse your site.

Custom Blog Posting
Once you have the basics all in place, it’s worth considering having a custom blog built as an additional way to organically grow your SEO efforts further. Having a custom blog space built for your website means you have an extra “wing” to your website, separate from the rest, in which you can store any additional content you like. This can just be a place that you give news about the business, staff, and so on, like a bio, or it can be taken advantage of for additional content.

Make Article Writing and Distribution Work for You

In the process of setting up your business’s new web site, you have put a lot of thought and effort into the content for your page. But especially if you are putting it all together on a tight time schedule, then you may find yourself short on content and even shorter on time.

So what are some options that you may have when you find yourself in a situation such as this?

One option you have is finding someone to help you to generate content. The most common service provided this way is article writing and distribution. By outsourcing articles to be written for your website you increase the flow of content to your website, without spending all of the time you need to be focusing on other aspects of your web presence.

Another added bonus is that rather than one person writing all blog posts on a certain topic, a variety of writers can bring a wide variety of perspectives and input about the subject matter. This keeps your content looking fresh and interesting and changes up the writing style enough to keep your audience and viewers coming back for additional content in the future. In many ways this can be helpful to your blog.

It can also be helpful to your web site to outsource your article writing because added expertise can be invaluable in increasing the value of information available to users of your site.

Another important thing to consider is how cost effective this could be for you. If you have the finances and funds to seek talent from and outside source, it is more cost effective than spending the time to do it all on your own. For a reasonable price you can have a bulk quantity of articles written according to whatever keywords or tags you would like. These can be customized to any topic your site requires.

There are also services which will share and promote your website for you across social networking sites. All of these services come at reasonable rates and you can shop around for whatever suits your site. It is just important to keep in mind that you can get additional help with your site if you just know what to look for.

Is Mobile Website Design Relevant to My Website?


So you have built a web page and it is running smoothly. The graphics are clear, your fonts are readable, your content is superb – is anything missing? In this modern day of technology it is important to remember that people carry mobile devices with them all of the time, and that an increasing number of web searches are done from cell phones, iPods, and tablets. So if you are wondering what is missing, it is that you do not have a mobile website design.

Why Is This Important?

  • Many searches are done from smartphones or tablets on Wi-Fi or data connections
  • These small devices are not optimized to show the same quality of web site as laptops and desktop computers are able to load
  • If you want your site to be easily accessible from hand held devices such as smart phones, tablets, and other devices, it is important to try to optimize your site for smaller screens and smaller processors
  • The same analytics for SEO which decide if your site is optimized enough to land in the first handful of search results takes into account how accessible your web page is

So how do you set out to make sure you have a good mobile website design? To begin with, many hosting sites have features which help you to easily modify the user interface for mobile devise to be able to use your content in a more adaptive way.

If the host you are using does not have these capabilities, then it is important that your mobile site has fewer graphics which would take long to load, higher contrast types and fonts, and easily navigated menus. With features such as these it will be much easier to access information on a site that would ordinarily be more computer friendly. Another thing that some older smartphones and browsers still have difficulty with is java scripts, so it may be a wise decision to stay away from those as much as possible with your mobile website.

Another option for mobile web design is to elect to create an app for your website. This may not be practical for your website, especially if it is a fairly static website which would make having an app irrelevant. But if you are providing a web service of some sort other than just information and text, it may be helpful to create an app for the mobile version of your website.

Whichever route you decide to take is up to you, just remember that this is a key way to reach more users and boost your site availability.