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An organic SEO checklist for small businesses

It’s often taken for granted that while the internet is a forum for businesses that cross all industries, as well as charities, news stations, and other sites which simply offer information on their given subject, not many of these will have much, if any, previous knowledge of what organic SEO is, and certainly not how to implement it. For all of you out there who this might apply to, it can be really very helpful to begin by making a checklist that you work your way through. There are a number of benefits to this, but mainly i think by keeping each element separate, it’s easier to keep track of progress, and in time to have a better understanding of how they interact.

The design of your website is the first impression any of your customers will make of your business, and if it isn’t right, it may be their last. Fear not, though, an SEO expert is well versed in putting together simple yet attractive design.

Responsive Design
This relates to mobile website design. Responsive effectively means that your website design will be able to respond to different device types to format your content in the most eye pleasing way possible. By now, with over half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, this isn’t something you want to miss out on.

Keyword Research
A keyword is a term used to describe certain keywords or phrases that you use in the content on your website to direct your content to the search engine, and your customer base. By ensuring that you’re using best terminology you can pick up more traffic, and feature higher on the search engine. By experimenting with new and different synonyms of keywords you might be able to make your content more competitive, and stay a step ahead of your competition.

Building Backlinks
When you have a link in your content which directs a user to another website, this is a backlink. Building backlinks is a key and fundamental method of SEO that has been in use since the beginning of SEO and the internet. There are two main reasons that backlinks are useful, firstly they connect your site to a wider web of context, making it easier for a search engine to understand what your site or page is about. Secondly, by building backlink partnerships over time, you should begin to see sites linking back to your content from theirs.

Blog Posting
The final thing worth mentioning in this post as a way to grow your organic SEO is to post in a blog on your website. There are plenty of purposes that you could put a blog to use for, ideally, you’ll use it to post things which aren’t quite necessary to the majority of your audience, but which will no less be appreciated by at least some or many of them. One advantage of using a blog is that customers of your competition who are not offered the niche advice or information will eventually go looking for someone who does offer it, and this may well introduce them to your business.

Developing a successful organic SEO approach

As a business operating online, it’s critical to have at least a basic understanding of how success online relies on a steady organic SEO approach. Once your basic website design and content is in place it’s time to get to work on your search engine optimisation efforts.


It’s completely understandable that not everyone operating online will have knowledge of what SEO is, and how it works in advance, however taking one step at a time and growing your SEO techniques slowly is completely manageable for any business. So, what should you start with?


Content production and keyword implementation

It’s easy to lose track when focusing on SEO that the reason a website has a purpose in the first place is for the content it contains. As a business in any industry, you are an authority, and the info that you want to convey to your audience should always remain your top priority.

This might mean spending more time assessing the competition and improving your web content, or, if writing isn’t exactly your speciality then an SEO can provide content writing services to assist you.

Another core component worth mentioning here is keyword research and implementation. Finding the right keywords means utilising specialist software which analyses the most popular search terms for any given topic, and then to implement these key terms you must find natural ways to fit them into your content.

Design and responsive design
Regardless of the content of your website, the design remains important, particularly when it comes to users finding your site for the first time. This does not mean that your site needs to be overly flashy, however. The best-designed sites utilise simplicity to maintain focus on what’s important, the content.

Responsive design is all about building a website which can cater to different device types, offering access to a website via either a desktop computer or otherwise a tablet or mobile device. As you may or may not know, mobile browsing now makes up a majority of all web traffic and it simply isn’t optional today if you’re looking to be competitive online.

Site architecture
Another key area to focus on with your SEO approach is one which largely exists behind the scenes and which relates to your website’s inner architecture. This is all about how your pages and menus link together to form the overall structure of the site. By having a simple, clear, logical, and easily navigated infrastructure both your client as well as bots from the search engine will find it less complicated to browse your site.

Custom Blog Posting
Once you have the basics all in place, it’s worth considering having a custom blog built as an additional way to organically grow your SEO efforts further. Having a custom blog space built for your website means you have an extra “wing” to your website, separate from the rest, in which you can store any additional content you like. This can just be a place that you give news about the business, staff, and so on, like a bio, or it can be taken advantage of for additional content.

Make Organic SEO Work For You

When most people think of SEO (search engine optimization) they sometimes forget that it does not have to be complicated to work! But there are methods for optimizing your search engine results which are not so complicated, and which you can get working for you right away. Sometimes simplicity is better and less complicated. So how does organic SEO work?

  • Organic SEO works by using a series of significant keywords which will help your page or post to show up on web searches in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., on essentially any sort of search engine.
  • Back links are another way in which web searches will be more likely to bring up your content. By including links back to your site on another website, search engines consider your site to be increasingly relevant to your search terms.
  • Perhaps most importantly, high quality content on your website will boost your SEO results. Is your content good, and is the main topic truly reflected in your tags or keywords? This can make a huge difference when it comes to a search engine considering your content to be relevant in a search.

In short, boosting your SEO the organic way can be a very manageable option for you and your website. While it is still best to hire someone to help with your search engine optimization, it is helpful to keep these things in mind as you prepare content for your website. By following closely with the recommendations of your SEO provider you will be able to have great success in boosting traffic to your web page or posts.

Organic SEO can be tricky because results will be adaptive to the audience, which finds itself on your site. If a particular search criterion continually leads people to your site then the search engines will consider your site to be primarily relevant to that search criteria. Sometimes these aren’t the search terms you would primarily like your site to be found by. This is why it is important to have an SEO provider who knows what audience you are looking to attract with your site. In that way they will be much more capable of targeting certain buzz words and key words to help get the right people to your web page.

Obtaining High Rankings With Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a variety of techniques, which are used to secure a ranked placement on search engine results pages.  This article will explain some of the methods that can be used to optimize the content of your web pages, make sure links to content are used appropriately and use keywords and metatags to boost your ratings naturally.

Organic SEO Tips

  • Have a strong URL including one of your keywords.
  • Sprinkle your keywords throughout your content but don’t use too many. This helps the search engines read and index your website contents.
  • Limit graphics as using too many will lower your search engine ranking.
  • If you are using flash, break the flash files into smaller files and add content.
  • Ask your visitor to do something once they get to your site like “buy now” or “sign up”.
  • Link social media icons to social sites like your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts – show that you are concerned about interacting socially with your customers.
  • Use media such as video to encourage visitors to stay on your website longer.
  • Images need to be named and alt tags added. Search engines don’t read images but they do read titles and alt tags.
  • Include a robots.txt file, which tells the search engine crawler what can be crawled – make sure you keep it up to date.
  • Don’t use text the same color as the background in an attempt to hide it as this is a trick which if discovered is very heavily frowned upon and punished.
  • Create titles and use descriptive Meta tags that are unique using keywords and phrases that are specific to your site’s content.
  • Ensure your website has a site map which contains a comprehensive list of all the pages that you want the search engines to index.

If you aren’t sure how to implement some of these methods, there are SEO companies who can provide this service to help your company reach high rankings in search engines in a cost effective and professional manner following Webmaster tool guidelines.

Organic SEO Strategies To Help Your Business Thrive

The ambition of all entrepreneurs is to have a thriving and popular business that appeals to people from all walks of life: from old to young and from the computer savvy to those who might struggle with technology.  It is in the interest of businesses to have a website that everyone knows about and wants to visit, whether the business operates solely online or is a representation of how their company operates in the real world.  It’s also important that the website is fully optimized to make it easy to use and navigate.

A prime objective of any business is to make money, to make a profit, to pay good salaries or earn enough to have a good standard of living and enjoy life. One way to make sure your business can attract customers and encourage them to purchase a product or pay for your services is to make your website visible on the search engines and that it is straightforward, informative, all the links work, it’s secure and a trustworthy site to use.  When people click to view it, they should have an experience that makes them want to return time and time again.

A search engine optimization (SEO) company can use some excellent techniques that will enable your business to flourish and grow.  These strategies will maximize the potential of your business to allow it to reach the widest possible audience and encourage them to visit your site for many years to come.  To compete with your rivals and make the most of the opportunities an online presence will bring takes time, effort and expert knowledge and understanding of the techniques required to ensure your website is current, up to date and relevant to your potential customers.

To influence your business growth an organic SEO company will use a variety of techniques including:

  • Sharing important information and updates with customers and the public in general.
  • Making your company clear and transparent in what it is trying sell or the services it offers.
  • Capturing the interest of your customers in your business, so they invest their money, purchase your products or access your services.
  • Giving you business advice on maximizing your online presence.
  • Keeping social media, company blogs and other information relevant and up to date.
  • Answering all customer enquiries promptly to ensure they have the information they need to make the purchase they require.

Choosing an Organic SEO Provider

If you are looking to hire an organic SEO service provider to better promote your business you are on the right path.  However, while on that path you need to know that hiring the wrong one could have devastating results for your business and that is not the goal you want to achieve.  There are some definite characteristics you want to look for in an organic SEO provider and the following will help you spot those characteristics.

They Are Honest and Realistic

When you are speaking with an expert during the hiring process they should be able to talk openly to you about the potential of your site.  The goals that he or she are trying to set for your site should not be unrealistic and they should inform you right away of the products and reports you can expect to receive.  Try to build a relationship before signing any paperwork with the organic SEO service provider.

Look to Blogs and Forums

Both blogs and forums can be helpful when trying to find the right SEO provider.  You can also opt to attend conferences for SEO or other events offered in the field to look for your expert.  Let people know that you are searching and listen to the feedback you receive.

What are You Getting for Your Money?

Before you hire anyone be certain that you have asked all the right questions.  How much are you going to be spending, what the traffic flow is, what the levels of profitability are, and what are the customer analyses from other campaigns performed by the SEO provider?  Choose the one with the most up to date resume in the field of SEO and ask if you can speak with others that they have worked with to obtain their opinions and tell about their experience.

Remember to keep your budget in mind when hiring a SEO service provider.  You don’t always get the best deal by going with the highest bid and remember that you get what you pay for when you go with the lowest bid.  Try to find the one that has the best reputation and is going to give you your money’s worth.


The Most Honest Organic SEO Tip On the Internet

There’s just one organic SEO tip that you need to succeed in today’s web environment. Are you ready? Here it is:


  • Put a LOT of effort into creating your marketing content.


No, seriously. 99% of you aren’t taking that tip seriously enough — even the ones who were somehow inspired by those 9 words to go out and work hard on your next piece of content. It’s called ‘effort shock,’ and it’s as common as dirt. Everyone wants to believe that they can invest some time and some energy into an endeavor and obtain a useful result, but there are many parts of life where that’s just not true — and organic SEO is absolutely one of them.


Here’s what the life cycle of a real piece of marketing content looks like:

  • Before The Content Is Ever Even Considered, the company invests thousands of dollars and weeks if not months of time into market research. They determine which market segments they believe will be the most profitable targets, and they build user personas that describe those market segments in as much detail as they can manage. They plan out where their content is going to go, and where they’re going to link their content from, and they create those spaces — most often, a blog, several social media pages, and some PPC marketing campaigns. They execute those things with the help of an SEO company.
  • Once All of the Background Work is Done, but Before Any Piece of Content is Written, there is a planning meeting, where the company lays out their marketing strategy in detail for the content producers. They are given the user personas, a wireframe of the blog, and a flowchart of how each piece of content will be linked to once it’s posted. A huge brainstorming session is held where a database of content ideas is thought up.
  • Choose Your Concept. The creator chooses something from the database that holds immediate relevance, usually because of an event that just happened or is about to happen that can be tied in.
  • Write Your Headline. This alone should be a 2-3 hour process, and deserves its own article. Suffice it to say, the headline is the most important part of any piece of content, so take all the time you need to get it right.
  • Plan Your Content. Plot out content that will stand up to the promises the headline made. Plan your hook, your tie-in, and your call to action. Know exactly what you’re writing about before you start writing. This includes knowing which images you’re going to use where and why.
  • Write the Content. This is by far the shortest and easiest step.
  • Post the Content. Schedule it to drop during the most effective hours for your particular medium and audience.
  • Perform Your Content-Promotion Plan. Social media-ify it, backlink it, ask some high-end industry sites to link to it…whatever your post-production plan, execute it efficiently.


That is the absolute minimum level of effort that should go into your content marketing.

Can Organic SEO Really Make A Difference?

If you are the owner or administrator of an ecommerce website, you are always looking for proven methods to enhance your online presence and drive quality traffic to your website. Organic SEO is one of those proven methods, but people often question its effectiveness and if it can really make a difference in the bottom line. The answer is yes, if the campaign is approached appropriately it can make a big difference without breaking your marketing budget. And in today’s highly competitive marketplace, that’s vitally important.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO, or “natural SEO”, is a process that uses relevant and specific keywords that will point internet searches toward your website. It is part of the overall internet marketing plan and can give you an edge over your competition. By targeting web, image, video and business searches, the organic listing on the major engines is improved and more traffic is generated.

Organic SEO Techniques

A quality organic SEO campaign will focus on building good natural backlinks. Relevant keywords are first identified and then implemented through a variety of proven techniques.

  • Business Listings
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Classified Ads
  • Forum Posts
  • Blog Content
  • Copywriting
  • Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Media Posts
  • RSS Feeds

The site content is carefully analyzed and enhanced to catch the eye of the search engine crawlers. HTML is optimized using the identified and relevant keywords for your industry. A skilled SEO professional will make use of “White Hat” methods to ensure the resulting backlinks are of the highest quality and continue to capture traffic ethically.

Organic SEO is one of the most cost effective internet marketing techniques in the industry. Yes, this is very affordable if you know where to look for it. Today’s highly competitive and ever-evolving digital marketplace demands that business owners make the best use of their advertising dollars while ensuring they are getting a great ROI. An effective and quality campaign will optimize your site, increase your offsite presence through quality backlink building techniques and result in more visitors to your ecommerce website. Improve your search engine rankings with organic SEO methods and watch your customer base and your revenue grow year after year.

Organic SEO: Making It Work for You

Everyone wants to get rich and in today’s fast-paced economy, that generally means working for yourself. As the Internet has gotten more sophisticated, many people are trying to live out their self-employed dreams by using the resources that the Internet offers. One of these resources is organic SEO options and making them work for you is one of the best ways to make sure that your business gets the attention it deserves.

What is Organic SEO?
SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which means that SEO’s are responsible for how often your business site shows at the top of the page when someone types in a search word. Many times, businesses can purchase these options from an individual search engine and have their popularity boosted that way.

Organic SEO options, on the other hand, are techniques that people use in order to naturally boost the appeal of their page and have it show up more often in consumer searches. These options can either be done by the user themselves or can be done by a professional.

Boosting Your Business

  • Talk About It

Taking advantage of the SEO process is as simple as talking about it! Social media, blogs, and networking are great ways to be seen and the more people talking about a business, the easier they are to find. This can take a lot of work in order for a business owner to see any tangible results and it’s something that has to be done continually.

  • Keep Updating

Lots of budding businesses fall out of the SEO race simply because they don’t update with new things that are occurring in the business, don’t answer questions, and don’t acknowledge the people that have spent time there. The more active you are, the more you’ll get picked up because there will be more traffic going to and from the website.

While providing for yourself is possible, these tips require nearly constant effort on the behalf of the owner and many people choose to pay a professional for these services. These services are useful for keeping your business up-to-date and focused on what products, services, and media matter to your target audience.

The Importance of Organic SEO in Versatile Algorithm Searches

There have been a number of vital changes in the way businesses have been marketed in the last decade. Much of the marketing is now done online and the Internet plays a huge role in this mode of marketing. A number of tools have emerged to help businesses market themselves- some include SEO, bookmarking and social networking. Of these, SEO seems to be the most popular tool to use. With the emergence of organic SEO, a large portion of the marketing strategy of businesses has concentrated on attracting online consumers. The reason for the popularity of SEO is because of its cost effectiveness and wide reach. But, its reliance on optimizing web search engine detection of sites can make its effectiveness a challenge. Here are a few challenges SEO faces:

  • Changing Search Algorithms: As marketing strategies get more effective in holding up their own websites for search engines to produce among results, search engines are also constantly changing their search algorithms to produce the most relevant results for your search term. With Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, organic SEO has to remain versatile to change along with search algorithms.
  • PPC and Search Results: Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is also gaining popularity among businesses as a way to grow the clientele. Changing references to PPC ads is also a specific challenge of SEO. One PPC campaign can actually be beneficial as search engines allow for a personalized search engine experience.
  • Social Network Influences: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are not playing a huge role in organic SEO practices. Search engine results are not only influenced by a user’s activity on social networks, but also that of their friends and connections. This can mean that you can reach a wider audience by focusing on users as well as what their friends are up to.

With these few tips handy, your organic SEO endeavour can successfully create an optimal online presence for your business. This online presence can be spread across various levels of SEO application and can ensure that the traffic directed to your site is relevant to your business.