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Benefits of a Press Release Service for Distribution

If you want people to know about the services or products that you offer a press release is a terrific way to get the word out.  You have a few options when deciding how to distribute your release; first you can go with the media or you can opt for using the internet and releasing it online.  Following we are going to talk about the benefits of a press release service.

Stay Competitive In Your Service or Product Area

Getting your product out on the internet by using a press release service is most likely the most cost effective way you are going to find to stay competitive.  Using the services gets your press release out to channels that you may not be able to get to or might not have thought.  This gets the words out to potential customers, investors, the industry media, and many others areas.  This method of a press release service is able to get your message out nationally and globally rather than just locally like a news paper or mailer.

Possible Google News Feature

When you opt to use an online press release service you stand a much greater chance of getting notice in the Google news feature.  If you didn’t know; Google does searches of press release sites and gets their information and content from them.  By using the appropriate key words you may find that your release makes it to the top of the Google search.  When you give your release to a service for distribution be sure that you are including a back link to your website.

Save Time and Generate More Traffic

Trying on your own to get your press release out to a mass viewing list is difficult, hectic, and can take a long time.  By using a service you can begin seeing the rewards of the release sooner because; they are able to get to more places in a shorter period of time than you can.

Simply writing a great press release isn’t going to achieve the goals you have set.  If you don’t make people want to read it and make it easily accessible to them it does you not one bit of good.  There are many online companies that can help with this endeavor and get your release noticed.


Quality Is The Most Affordable SEO You Can Buy

Google’s Penguin algorithm is an ‘overlay’ to the normal algorithm that has the explicit purpose of keeping Google’s SERPs free of sites with poor user interactions, spammy content, and other indicators of low quality. It used to be that the Penguin algorithm received an update every few weeks at most, fine-tuned offline by Google and then set free — but Google recently announced they would be updating almost daily, and they would do so live, so effects would be unpredictable and immediate.


Why is that important to the question of affordable SEO? Precisely because Penguin’s entire purpose is to keep low quality websites out of the results pages. We’re going to go out on a limb here and make a broad statement: by and large, the less you pay for your SEO/web design/Internet marketing, the lower quality of a product you receive.


In fact, with SEO being almost entirely a matter of content marketing, relationship building, and page quality these days, it’s fast becoming the case that spending money on a high-quality website will get you a better ranking on the SERPs than spending half your money on a website and the other half on SEO.


And we’re an SEO company, so you know we’re not just saying that in order to improve our own bottom line.


Your bottom line should be this: if you want rankings, your website needs to be of sterling quality. If you want rankings, your content needs to be of sterling quality. Heck, with Adwords’ Quality Score being such an important part of PPC campaigns, if you want sponsored visitors at all, your website needs to be sterling quality AND your ads need to be sterling quality.


There is simply no replacement for quality anymore. As the only saying goes, “you can have it any two of ‘fast,’ ‘cheap,’ or ‘good,’ but not all three.” Well as it turns out, Google has made certain that ‘good’ is a necessity — which means unless you want to wait a long time for results, ‘cheap’ isn’t really on the table. Which in turn means that ‘Affordable SEO’ doesn’t have the same meaning that it used to.


It does still have meaning, however: it means you spend the money on the elements of SEO that matter most, first. Which, in turn, means you spend your money on producing the highest-quality website, blog, and social media presences that you can afford, in that order.

The Most Honest Organic SEO Tip On the Internet

There’s just one organic SEO tip that you need to succeed in today’s web environment. Are you ready? Here it is:


  • Put a LOT of effort into creating your marketing content.


No, seriously. 99% of you aren’t taking that tip seriously enough — even the ones who were somehow inspired by those 9 words to go out and work hard on your next piece of content. It’s called ‘effort shock,’ and it’s as common as dirt. Everyone wants to believe that they can invest some time and some energy into an endeavor and obtain a useful result, but there are many parts of life where that’s just not true — and organic SEO is absolutely one of them.


Here’s what the life cycle of a real piece of marketing content looks like:

  • Before The Content Is Ever Even Considered, the company invests thousands of dollars and weeks if not months of time into market research. They determine which market segments they believe will be the most profitable targets, and they build user personas that describe those market segments in as much detail as they can manage. They plan out where their content is going to go, and where they’re going to link their content from, and they create those spaces — most often, a blog, several social media pages, and some PPC marketing campaigns. They execute those things with the help of an SEO company.
  • Once All of the Background Work is Done, but Before Any Piece of Content is Written, there is a planning meeting, where the company lays out their marketing strategy in detail for the content producers. They are given the user personas, a wireframe of the blog, and a flowchart of how each piece of content will be linked to once it’s posted. A huge brainstorming session is held where a database of content ideas is thought up.
  • Choose Your Concept. The creator chooses something from the database that holds immediate relevance, usually because of an event that just happened or is about to happen that can be tied in.
  • Write Your Headline. This alone should be a 2-3 hour process, and deserves its own article. Suffice it to say, the headline is the most important part of any piece of content, so take all the time you need to get it right.
  • Plan Your Content. Plot out content that will stand up to the promises the headline made. Plan your hook, your tie-in, and your call to action. Know exactly what you’re writing about before you start writing. This includes knowing which images you’re going to use where and why.
  • Write the Content. This is by far the shortest and easiest step.
  • Post the Content. Schedule it to drop during the most effective hours for your particular medium and audience.
  • Perform Your Content-Promotion Plan. Social media-ify it, backlink it, ask some high-end industry sites to link to it…whatever your post-production plan, execute it efficiently.


That is the absolute minimum level of effort that should go into your content marketing.