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How does blog posting pull in traffic?

Using blog posting in your website’s own custom-made blog is one of the more advanced SEO techniques that you can work on to improve your overall relationship and performance with the search engine and your customer. Once you have addressed the most common and fundamental SEO methods from design to keyword use, we highly recommend taking things a step further by using blog posting. And since much of your competition will not have their own blog spaces, this is one of a handful of ways that you can make big gains on your competitors.

For your Customer
If you’re inexperienced with the idea of blogging, then a quick explanation can help to inform why exactly they are so useful. A blog, unlike the rest of your static website, is composed of many short and brief posts, usually on a single subject. These posts slowly shift down the list as new posts are made, and after some time, you might have dozens of pages of posts on particular niche interests and specialist articles on a range of subjects.

For the majority of your customers, these blog posts will go unseen, it’s for the minority that your blog will make a big difference for. Any customer who has a particular interest in your product or service may like to know more information to inform their choice, and while each interest might be unique, so will each post in your blog. Over time you will hopefully build up an archive of posts which address all common FAQs, making you an authority on your topic.

For your Website
Your blog posts can also play a role as an entrance to your website. If you have addressed a particular subject in one of your posts, then users searching for this subject may be directed to your site solely because of one blog post, and this can lead to a new audience finding your entire website, and this means more traffic. I always think of it as like having many different front doors, on different streets, all of which lead into the same shop (yours). Plus if a customer or visitor has found something on your site that they hadn’t found on their usual site, there is a good chance they will come to you first next time again.

For the Search Engine
For the search engine, your blog plays a somewhat different role. Each and every piece that you post to your blog is compounded with the rest of your content, allowing the search engine to better understand your website and the information inside. Each time you make a blog post the search engine sees this as website activity and this also improves how your website is ranked by the search engine, improving your overall SEO results. Everything that goes onto your website is like evidence, or clues, for the search engine which wants to gather up that information so as to direct their users as well as possible to the most relevant info, posting a blog full of relevant info helps the search engine in its acquisition to understand your website a great deal.


What’s the Big Deal About Blog Posting?

We live in an age when Internet access is everywhere, anybody can publish any sort of content, and all of this is right at our fingertips. If you ask me, that is an exciting time! But what is the big deal about blog posting? What can it do for you and how can it be used?

To start with there are many possible uses for and reasons to get into blog posting. Perhaps you have a business that would benefit from a web presence or from ongoing information in your field of expertise. Or maybe you work with an organization which needs a way of getting their information out to the world, such as a non-profit, or a political group. Or perhaps your interests are personal and you are sharing personal knowledge in a life style blog or some other personal interest group.

No matter the reason you are interested in starting a blog, there are some useful considerations, which will help you to begin your blog posting. Take a look at these tips and keep them in mind as you begin to set up your first blog:

  • Choose a host that suits your needs: When deciding on a blog hosting service it is important to shop around for a service provider that best suits your needs. You will find different options and packages depending on your requirements. If you need something simple or complex, pre-formatted or entirely DIY, customizable or static, there are options out there for your needs.
  • Find a look: Once you have your blog set up it is next important to find a look that suits your needs. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but what is most important across the board is to keep it clean cut and easily accessible by your viewers. Other than this, it is all up to you. From layout to colors and fonts, to site mapping, it is all in your hands!
  • Create content: Next comes the ongoing part of blog posting. The actual posting part! Keep your information correct and succinct, relevant, and up to date. There are endless ways and types of content, and that part is entirely dependent upon the sort of blog you are running. Creating great blog posts will improve with practice, so get out there and start posting.

These are the basics you need to begin creating your blog and start posting. Eventually you may want to experiment with different sorts of multimedia, such as audio and video, or at the least, image graphics. You may also take advantage of social networking capabilities within your website, such as the ability to email content, or share to Twitter, Facebook, or other networks.

It will also be important to look into SEO services so that your blog and its content can be easily found through web searches. But that will come after you have started to create content. Just remember to tackle the process one thing at a time, and soon you will be blogging with the best of them!

Market Your Business Through Blog Posting

If you want to start a blog for your business, it’s vital that you read this article as it will help you to understand how blog posting can have serious marketing potential.  A blog can help your business to:

  • Engage with your customers and develop relationships by asking for their feedback and comments while simultaneously allowing them to get to know your business, build trust and give you a unique insight into what your customers want.
  • Make a name for your company in your particular industry with blog posts that are full of expert content and information which will make you a valuable resource and lead to higher traffic, which will help you gain a good reputation.
  • Show the personal side of your company and give others an idea of your ethos, vision and personality.
  • Create opportunities for your blog to be shared with others. If a customer shares your blog on social media, then they are essentially marketing our company for free.
  • Fresh and interesting content is a great way to help boost your search engine ranking as it gives search engines content to index and keywords to help improve your visibility further.

So how can you get your blog noticed?  Here are some tips to help you:

Research Keywords

You will naturally use keywords in your blog posts but it’s important to find out which keywords will bring more traffic your way so finding relevant keywords is something to consider.  There are lots of tools and techniques available to help you find out.

Use Keywords in Your Posts

Place your keywords where they will be seen by your potential customers and by the search engines that will index your content.  So places like the title, any headings used in your post, the first and last paragraph as well as Meta tags.  Be careful not to engage in keyword stuffing – using a keyword too many times as this is something that many search engines penalize.

Think About Images

Search engines can’t read an image by itself but it can read the filename and alternative text field name so make sure keywords are used here.

Use Links to Reference Others

When you are quoting or giving credit to another blogger then include a link to the information.  This is good etiquette and you may get a link back from them.

Allow People to Subscribe

You may offer RSS or subscription options so that people visiting your site can receive notification when you add new content.

Make Use of Social Media

Use twitter and Facebook to make connections with customers or attract new ones by promoting your blog posts and increasing your blog’s exposure.  Social media provides free marketing after all so take advantage.

Why Blog Posting Services Are so Effective

The days of on ordinary website are over and people that use the internet are seeing those changes on a daily basis.  Now instead of a basic website that just feeds viewers information or sales them something; websites are reaching out to new limits with blogs.  There is a blog for virtually anything your mind can dream up that it would like to obtain information about.  For website owners that want to insure a safety net for cash flow into their websites; a blog is a key ingredient to add to the site.  Using a blog posting is a great way to attract and infinite amount of viewers to your site.  Below, find some of the top reasons that a blog posting is so effective.

Get Listed with SERP

You don’t have to necessarily have to have you own blog.  You can provide catchy, intuitive, and informative content on someone else’s blog and for your input you will be rewarded with a link back to your site.  These links back to you site will give you an advantage in the SEOs and will generate a good amount of traffic for you.  It has been proven that if you blog post is intriguing or helpful to a viewer they are very likely to visit your site.

Getting In Touch with Blog Owners

Take the time to get in touch with blog owners and let them know that you have quality content that would benefit them; if they are interested in having guest bloggers.  Not every blog owner that you contact is going to be interested, but, will see that it can benefit both of you and will be willing to jump on broad your proposal.  Make it a part of your daily routine to email at least ten blog owners a day.  Once you see how effective blog posting is; you will make the time for this in your schedule.

Knowing how effective this approach can be; you should be ready to get started right now.  This is basically a opportunity to increase your traffic and your income.  When you start making this a part of your routine; you will start reaping the benefits.


4 View-Boosting Blog Posting Headline Mnemonics: All About U

When you’re blog posting and you want to get eyes on your post, you have to come up with a great headline — it’s the part that earns the click and thus the eyes. There’s been absolute mountains of research into the art of the headline, and it turns out that there are exactly four elements to a successful headline, and they all start with ‘U’.



Specificity is “Hedgehogs that Look like Watson.” You have to admit, that’s pretty darn specific. But if you want a headline to really grab a reader by the throat and kiss them on the lips, you need ultra-specificity. “37 Pictures of Hedgehogs That Look Exactly Like Sherlock‘s John Watson” kind of ultra-specificity. The more precisely your headline conveys what the reader can expect on the other side, the better — as long as you meet the other three Us (and stay within the character limit.)



Uniqueness is simply the quality of “content you won’t find anywhere else.” Now, that doesn’t mean “it passes Copyscape.” People don’t give a flying car about Copyscape. Uniqueness means “no, really, this is stuff that just straight doesn’t exist anywhere else.” The best example is probably — that website is chock full of articles that use information that exists elsewhere on the Internet, but is A)organized into clever lists that you really won’t see on any other site, and B)loaded with massive amounts of snark and pop culture in-jokes that even if you did see the information somewhere else, you wouldn’t find it nearly as funny there.



Urgency tells the reader that if they fail to read your content, they’re losing out. You don’t have to actually say so in the headline — what you have to actually say is what reading your article will change about their lives. Take a look at any headline on any sex-advice magazine ever: “This bedroom trick will drive him WILD!” — the implication being that clearly, you suck as a lover if you don’t know the trick. That’s urgency.



It might seem like Useful is largely covered already, but it is in fact remarkably easy to create ultra-specificity, uniqueness, and urgency without actually saying anything to the reader about the benefits of reading. If you step back from writing your headline and realize that there’s no value communicated, it’s not useful enough — try again.


Follow the four ‘U’s of blog posting headlines, and your posts will get more views, plain and simple.

Why Use Blog Posting?

If you have a website, you know that without online visibility, you are dead in the water. This is where blog posting can be an incredibly valuable tool. You can become much easier to find and vastly improve your web presence simply by using a service that specializes in creating quality blog content. It’s one of the most cost-effective online marketing tools you can use.

Employing a blog posting professional is a good use of your marketing budget. You’ll be ensured that only the best and most relevant content is posted and that links are built correctly and ethically. Look for referrals and ask to see their portfolio. Read through the comments section to find out how engaged users become with the post. It’s important that the posts be done manually to ensure they are picked up by the search engine bots. You’ll begin to see some real benefits.

  • Higher Page Rankings. Quality links are what the bots are crawling for. When they find them, your page will begin to climb in the rankings.
  • Increased Traffic. It’s a well-known fact that people never look past page one of the search results they receive after entering a query. Getting to the top gets you more traffic
  • Increased Credibility. People naturally assume that a website that ranks at the higher end of the results is better than the rest. This adds credibility to your business and your website.
  • Permanent Links. When visitors read a blog posting, they often leave comments, which remain on the internet as long as the blog is active. As the thread builds, permanent links are organically built.
  • Increased Visibility. The higher search engine rankings enhance your web presence and visibility. The more visible your site, the more visitors you will have.

To grow your business, you have to have visibility on the web. Blog posting is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods you have at your disposal to make your site easier for customers to find and bump up your page rankings and site credibility. In the competitive world of ecommerce, blog posting is a surprisingly great value for your money.

Enhance Your SEO with Forum and Blog Posting

A great way to generate quality back links is to use forum and blog posting. While it is possible to do this yourself the time you would need to invest to do it properly would make it a full time job. The alternative is to use professional service that can take care of the content and the back linking that can increase your visibility and help to funnel traffic to your website.

How Is This Done?
The service has accounts for each of its posting team on many different forums and they can introduce links to your website and the content on the website in the appropriate forums that are both popular and well regarded by the major search engines. In some forums the links and information will also be incorporated into the signature area giving maximum flexibility in form post content while still making every post a link to your website.

Blog Posts
This can then be used to publicize and increase the SEO of your blog posting. This gives a funnel effect as the links from the form go to the blog and the blog goes to your website. It is important that the blog be updated regularly so that people that are attracted to your blog can know that if the check in every few days or every week there will be something new posted for them to read and comment on.

One of the serious mistakes that can be made is to concentrate in getting the maximum quantity out without ensuring quality. A professional forum and blog posting service can balance this so that information that is posted is relevant and interesting instead of appearing as spam that will be ignored or even reflect negatively on your business.

Search Engine Changes
The recent search engine changes have clamped down on mass posting techniques. This is because the people that use search engines want interesting and relevant content. Attempts to increase SEO with mass postings can result in reduced rankings or even blacklist of your blog site and website. It is important that you have the advice of an experienced company that can obtain maximum exposure without incurring the wrath of the search engine companies.