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Revive Your Business with Targeted Email Marketing


The value of email marketing has been proven over and over.  New doors can be opened, customers can be inspired to return and businesses have been revived and reinvented through targeted email marketing campaigns. Business and social communications have been revolutionized across the planet and the power of email remains unchallenged. It’s one of the smartest and most cost effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

Targeted email marketing hinges on knowledge of your ideal customer and what they are shopping for. You then determine how your product or service can meet that need. Your next step is getting the right email in the hands of your ideal customer. It’s just good old business sense. The potential benefits to your business are immeasurable.

  • Increased Traffic
  • New Leads
  • Client Renewal
  • Product and Service Updates
  • Build Customer Relationships
  • Build Brand Awareness

Building a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

When you are working with your marketing team to build a targeted email marketing campaign, focus should be on some basics to ensure that you meet your business goals. Know your customer base and know what they are looking for. You want to convince them that they want to come to you to get that need met instead of your competition.

  • Know Your Competition. There is a huge database at your fingertips to learn what your competition is up to and it’s called the internet. Check social media sites and blogs to check on promotions, pricing and products. Read customer reviews. It’s free and easy.
  • First Impression is Everything. Our society makes judgments based on appearance, even in email design. To ensure that you communicate your brand image clearly, engage an email marketing specialist. You want quality and dynamic content with a strong “call to action” that inspires potential customers to move to the next step.
  • Know Your Target Market. You should gather as much knowledge about your target market as you possibly can. Build lists categorized by geographics, interests, marital status and any other applicable demographics. Regularly update your lists.

The last piece is to use “permission based” email lists. No one wants to receive unsolicited emails. Regularly track and evaluate your stats and results and make adjustments where it’s needed. Launch your targeted email marketing campaign and get ready for the revival!


The Basics of Small Business SEO

The evolution of the major search engines and their algorithms in the past few years has been massive. Many businesses took a hit when the changes started and watched conversion rates and rankings dwindle, especially small businesses. Staying ahead of the search engines is realistically impossible, but small business SEO doesn’t have to be complicated if you understand the basics.

Business Fundamentals

Small business SEO should be based on the same guiding principles that you founded your business with. Leave the complexity of Meta Tags and headers to your SEO specialists and concentrate on these:

  • Have a quality product
  • Help your customer find it
  • Create a positive customer experience
  • Encourage word-of-mouth advertising

SEO Basics

Every organization, no matter the size needs to adhere to some foundational basics when composing content and enhancing site performance. Small business SEO is not any different.

  • Unique Pages. Every landing page should be unique and engaging. Each click should take the visitor to something new, whether it’s a product or information. It’s not just your home page that’s important to the search engines; the bots crawl your entire website and analyze the content.
  • Tags, Titles and Descriptions. In my opinion, these areas are far too often neglected in small business SEO. Think of your local supermarket. Each aisle is marked and designed to catch our eyes and get us to turn down it. Tags, titles and descriptions are your way of telling the engines “Hey, look here!” Create unique and engaging descriptions that let the bots know what you have.
  • Everyone thinks that they understand keywords, but often they don’t. Your site’s keywords have to relevant and specific or you won’t have good results. Keywords are based on the algorithms used by the engines and what potential customers are searching for.
  • Social Media. The best use of social media sites for businesses is through posting content that inspires followers to share. It’s a great venue for testing content – if you get likes or it’s shared, you may have a winner.

Small business SEO is most successful when you follow these basics. Let your SEO specialist deal with the high-tech stuff and you do what you do best: create a great product and serve your customers.

Using Local Internet Marketing to Build Your Business

The most effective method to connect with the customers in your area is through local internet marketing. And, the best method to gain a local market is through using a global approach. As strange as that sounds, it is true. What this means is that in order to drive business to your website, you have to pay attention to your global internet presence. Search engines are a global machine and how you approach your online marketing to build your local customer base is important. Local internet marketing works when you think globally.

Search Engines

The major search engines are always refining their algorithms. They realize that a person living in Houston who puts in a search query for a dog groomer expects to get results from their local area, not three states over. The majority of people utilize web searches to locate services they need or want. Engine bots automatically provide the websites and listings for those services that are convenient. A local internet marketing campaign is designed to optimize your business’ page rankings and make you appear on page one. The result is increased foot and web traffic and a robust customer base.

Local Internet Marketing Providers

If your business has a website, you’ve already received tons of communications from SEO service providers begging you to hire them. They may claim to get unbelievable results at a very low amount of money. Chances are, these agencies are not located anywhere near your area and know almost nothing about your local market. A local internet marketing agency is what you need – they know the culture and trends of your home area and are positioned to give you the best results. And, they are probably just around the corner.

Thinking and acting globally is the best and most effective method to employ in a local marketing campaign. Make the best use of your marketing dollars with a local internet marketing agency. Find one by asking other local business owners for recommendations and researching agencies available within your area or region. Or, do like the rest of the world’s population and look for them on the internet.