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Proven website SEO techniques

Website SEO has changed and evolved a great deal over the last decade or so, however, many of the central tenets have remained similar if not the same, and it’s good to keep track of developments to ensure that your site is optimised as well as it can be. For this reason we wanted to go over some of the most important and proven SEO techniques to serve as a checklist for you and your website. If you’re not doing anything on the list already, then we recommend you focus on it right away.

Blog Posting
One great way of improving your search engine ranking is by adding a blog to your site. Your blog is the perfect place to add additional info, to address your niche readership, and to increase the activity of your website as far as the search engine is concerned.

Simple Design
Gone are the days where a website was novel. Today the internet is a necessity, and billions of us all around the globe are connected to the internet from the start of each morning to the end of each night. As such, what was exciting and groundbreaking in the late nineties is probably old and tired by now, and this includes designing overly flashy website pages.

Think of your website design as the decorum of your business. Too much colour and particularly bright colours can look tacky, and they can also detract from your actual content. The best approach we can advise when it comes to website design is to keep things clean, simple, and subtle. No website, whatever the subject, is going to look bad using a black and white colour format, and if you do want to make use of colours, try soft, calming, tonal colour palettes. This keeps your site looking classy and classic, and it also helps to focus the viewer’s eye on what’s most important, your content.  

Responsive Design
Responsive website design, as opposed to “m.sites” or mobile sub-domains, have become the clear go-to method of designing for mobile devices. What makes responsive design so superior to the alternatives is that it keeps all of your content together in one place, and allows that one website to respond to serve any device, be it your home PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile seamlessly and without delay. Further, all of the limitations found with the other options are irrelevant making responsive design the all round clear choice.

Keeping Keyword Research Subtle
Keyword research has been one of the leading methods of search engine optimisation since the dawn of the internet, and in many respects this remains unchanged. What has changed though is the search engine’s ability to find inauthentic keyword use. Once upon a time, a website could amass views by simply cramming popular keywords into a given piece of text, and this practice has become known as keyword stuffing. Today the search engine uses far more complex algorithms to assess content, and will punish the overuse of keywords, so keep things subtle and relevant.


What on page website SEO means for your audience

The criteria for good website SEO is in many ways the same for improving how both the search engine and how your audience register your website. What this amounts to in the end is that proper SEO investment should effectively kill the two birds with one stone, providing a better user experience for your customer on one hand, and having a site which ranks well with search engines like Google on the other. This isn’t a coincidence, though, the search engine is programmed to seek out what the user is seeking, and they’re getting increasingly good at it.

So what is the criteria you ask? Well, here a some of the most important places to start.

Website performance

Website performance encompasses a few key factors, the most important perhaps is how fast your website runs. Speed is important in the digital age, and if a client gets impatient trying to load your webpage then the chances are that they’ve already opened a new tab and searched elsewhere.

In relation to the search engine, you can be quantitatively tested and if your site is slow and bugs often then your page rank will suffer. There are a number of ways to speed up your site, this includes proper site construction and keeping images and videos to a minimal (particularly relevant for mobile users).

You should also consider how any media loads, and ensure that you don’t have any dead pages or links which do not correspond to any pages.

Your content is essentially the entire purpose of the website itself. When it comes to pleasing your customer you should consider how well your content reads, the keywords you use, and, critically, how your content compares with your competition.

When it comes to pleasing the search engine, on the other hand, you can make big gains by making a few simple changes. Ask yourself of each page of your site, what is the topic, theme, or subject of this page.

Does the content address the subject directly? Are the keywords as relevant as possible? How well does the page URL reflect the topic and content? Finally, have you written relevant and clear meta descriptions and page titles for the search engine? These are very simple actions which can each have a profound effect on your website’s performance. Although they might also assist or reassure your visitors, these things are more for helping the search engine understand your website, and the better it does, the more likely it will rank you more highly.

How easy is it to go from page to page of your website? Ideally, your site will be structured into sections, subsections, categories, and subcategories. Also, does your structure follow a logical plan? This is essential for creating a pleasant browsing experience for your user, and Google bots and crawlers will pick up on them too. Make sure that your site has as few dead ends as possible, and use icons that can return the user to the previous page and homepage wherever possible.

How to Improve Your Website SEO

Before you can hope to have your new website accessed by people all over the world, it is important to understand how search engines find your content and deliver it to searchers. SEO means search engine optimization – that is just a fancy way of saying it is the feature which takes your content and allows search engines to find it quickly and effectively, based on search terms. This optimization works for most search engines across the board including Google Search, Yahoo! Search, Bing, and many more.

This may seem daunting – how can I make my website important enough to show up in someone’s search results? But it is not as scary as it may sound. There are a number of things a website SEO provider can do to boost your content to the first pages of search results.

So what is important to consider when trying to boost your website SEO?

  • Structure: is your website structured well? Are things easy to find or is your organization a little confusing? Yes, search engines take this into account.
  • Content: is your content relevant to the keywords or tags you are using? Do you have content that links to other sites with similarly relevant content?
  • Performance: does your site run quickly and smoothly? Or do your pages take a long time to load?
  • Experience: will users to your site find it easily accessible and engaging? Or is your site hard to look at so people will not want to come back in the future? Does your site look trust worthy or will people fear that their personal information can be accessed or stolen? Are your downloads trustworthy or will people fear downloading viruses along with your content?

It is also important to keep your SEO use consistent across all the different social media platforms, if you intend on using them to push traffic to your site. By using the same, relevant, keywords everywhere that you post about your site, you will get more relevant rankings in search results. This means if you post links on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., then it is best to use the same key words.

Just remember your target audience and think of the things you look for in a good website. Those are things other people are looking for too, and your SEO provider can help you to reach your target audience.

Reasons To Outsource Website SEO Services

Improving your online presence and the popularity of your website can be most effectively achieved through search engine optimization (SEO).  Your business may provide products or services with a particular focus in mind and to ensure your maximize the chances of attracting them you should consider the following:

  • Being available and visible to your customers, providing them with a website to visit and relevant information about your business and products that will encourage them to buy from you and give them a means of placing orders and paying for their goods or services.
  • In this world of instant gratification it is vital that your business is easy to find. When anyone needs information now they use a search engine.  It takes seconds to type in a search query and retrieve a list of websites that can help or answer that query.  People don’t tend to trawl through page after page of results; they choose the websites that appear at the top of the first page.  Website SEO will ensure that your website appears highly ranked on search engines and give your customers instant access to what your company has to offer.

SEO can be a very time consuming and an expensive solution if businesses choose to try to optimize their websites themselves.  This is where the services of an SEO company can streamline the process and provide your business with a more cost effective solution because they have the knowledge and understanding required to ensure your website is ranked highly through their current tried and tested methods.  They know how to:

  • Arrange and manage the content and images of your website to make it relevant.
  • Complete relevant market research to plan a strategy to maximize exposure of your business and website.
  • Research and identify common keywords.
  • Ensure your website is consistently ranked highly on all the search engines.
  • Make connections with other popular websites your customers may access.
  • Keep social media and blog websites for your business up to date.
  • Provide you with reports on the results of their service so you can monitor the effectiveness of their efforts.

Website SEO Equals Website Success


You can develop the world’s greatest website, but, without SEO (search engine optimization) it will never be successful.  This means that if you don’t find yourself at the top of search engines like Google; you have a definite chance of failure.  The way to make your site successful is by keeping a steady flow of traffic to the site and being ranked at the top of a search engine is a guaranteed way to accomplish that.

You Need the Traffic SEO Produces

Almost every large organization, company, and business has their own website up and running.  In order to keep up with the changes in technology and the way people do business they have to, in order to be completive and stay competitive.  They learned in a quick amount of time that in order to stay afloat they needed a great website that generated a vast number of clicks and visitors.

Creating Traffic

By insuring that you have website SEO you are insuring that your website and your business or company can grow.  If you have started your site with the intention of making an income from it; you will need to find those keys to giving you website SEO because those that are ranked low in the search engines only have a greater chance of failure.

Learn the Techniques

Business and companies are successful online because they have learned to use the right techniques to get to the tops of the search engines.  They work at making certain that they have website SEO.  With a bit of research one will find that marketers have a good number of tricks that they apply to make sure that there business is at the top of the index when it comes to online searches.

Do not make the common mistake that thinking a paid ad on a search engine like Google is going to draw the traffic you need to your website.  It has been tested and proven that most people while using the internet do not make it a habit to click on paid ads.  What makes SEO so important is that it can generate a constant flow of traffic to your site whereas paid marketing will guarantee you nothing, but, a limited number of clicks.





Website SEO Tips for Generating Traffic

A well-designed website will be built while considering how the design will relate to your search page rankings. A site that lacks the most up-to-date website SEO techniques will struggle to get a decent ranking with the engines. Most people never move past the first page of search results, and that makes it a coveted piece of real estate. If you want to move your listing to page one, we’ve got some proven website SEO tips and techniques to help you get there.

Meta Tags

There’s been a lot of debate in the world of internet marketing about the importance of Meta Tags and if they’re still as effective as they once were for climbing the rankings. The result is that this little element is being overlooked by a lot of people and that’s a mistake because they still matter. Using compelling content and keywords will result in better organic website SEO. And that means more traffic. Search engines are still interested in how often people click on your listing when determining rankings.

Building Backlinks

You can build quality backlinks by using internal links within your site content. By including web links to other articles, your site will begin to gain priceless backlinks. The search bots love these when they are crawling and indexing a site. Using your specific keywords to link your content tells the bot what your topic is and will generate targeted traffic.

User Experience

User experience is, as the name implies, all about how good or bad a visitor’s experience is when they visit your site. You need to ensure that you have relevant and interesting content that people will find engaging. A visitor needs to be able to easily navigate through your website so that they stay longer. Providing a fantastic and enjoyable user experience is a critical piece of the website SEO puzzle.

Focusing on your website design is important for enhancing and improving your page rankings with the engine bots. Using the most current website SEO techniques includes Meta Tags, building quality backlinks and ensuring a great user experience. Implementing these tips will get you on that first page.

Website SEO: The Key to Visibility and Online Presence

Creating a small business has never been easier than it is today. With the emergence and popularity of the Internet, many people are trying to work for themselves–and succeeding. However, many businesses also fail. What is the key to a successful online business? For many people, it can be summed up with two things: their website and their online visibility.

The Website
When selling a service or product, the most important thing is having a place where you can sell them from. While this might seem rather obvious, it’s something that a lot of people overlook because they don’t realize that their website is the same as their shop, or place of business. Having a website that offers information about a product, enables them to place an order easily, and answers their questions is essential for online success.

The Visibility
In many ways, this is the most important key to an online business. Having a beautiful website that runs well won’t mean anything if people never see it. That’s where website SEO services come into play. SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and is the primary way that small online businesses are able to connect with their customers. If, like many small business owners, the budget can’t handle dealing with the search engine directly to increase its visibility, there are options to help get the attention your small business needs.

Outsourcing SEO
Organic options are the ones that affect your website SEO parameters naturally without paying the search engine company to bump up your business’ rating on their site. These options include using commonly used keywords, using social media in order to give your site more visibility, and having active, easily seen content that is updated regularly.

Using organic SEO options can be difficult, particularly if you’re the only person working on both visibility and production. Outsourcing to professionals who know how to get your site the most visibility is an excellent and low-cost options that will save you time and maximize your business’ chance of success. These professionals know exactly what your customers are looking for and how to market products efficiently and effectively.

The Constantly Changing Face of Website SEO

Almost all businesses- local and global- are obliged to create an online presence that can help them attract more traffic to their site and thus lead to increased sales. But, with the added competition online, how can you make your presence known? Website SEO is a great tool to get your website and your business the attention it deserves. But, as effective as SEO measures can be, the constantly changing landscape of marketing, search engine algorithms and increasing competition requires SEO services to be versatile and constantly updating. So, here are some things you can do to improve your website’s online presence:

Attractive Content
While website SEO can bring visitors to your site, they can’t guarantee they will stay, unless your website’s content is relevant, informative and appeals to your target audience. So, as SEO constantly evolves, so should your own website’s content and information in order to keep your website fresh and keep customers coming back. Be sure to update your website’s content relevant to changing population needs and current trends in your industry.

Attractive Package
No matter how good your website’s content, a drab website can sink your website rankings. It is necessary to make sure your website content is packaged in a good website design in order for your website to be featured in search engine searches and for visitors to keep coming back as well.

Add Pictureshows
While words are a great tool, videos can be a great complement to verbal SEO. Videos on a website provide the perception of the presence of human element to a website. Adding video content like with web presenters and product videos can provide your site with leverage into video search engines while also giving your website a huge face-lift.

It is important to note that while website SEO is a vitally important tool in your marketing strategy, there are several elements that can help your website gain the attention it needs. Ensuring your website’s content and design is equivalent to your SEO efforts can ensure that you are putting your best foot forward as a business.

The Design Process and Website SEO

Websites are a vital part of any business today. Even businesses that just have a local presence are finding that more and more of their customers are using the internet when they are looking for a business to use and products to buy.

When your businesses website is being constructed it needs to look attractive and be functional but it is important to think about website SEO and how to make your website appear higher in the search rankings. A good website design and quality content are a great start that will help your website be rated higher and ensure that your target audience is able to see you when searching on the internet.

One area that is sometimes not understood is how keywords are used in website SEO. At one time the idea was to have the keywords repeated as often as possible. This does not make for good content and now the search engines actively mark down pages that use a keyword too many times.

Selection of keywords is very important and by having an optimized website and good content that uses the keywords and related keywords in an informative way your website will get the maximum possible ranking. It is important to have the keywords used appropriately in other areas such as the description of images and tags.

The Need for Speed
Speed is an important factor not only for how a search engines rates the pages but also in the experience the end user receives. Pages that load slower can cause visitors to go elsewhere and search results can be impacted negatively. This means that images should be optimized so that they load fast and if possible a smaller sized image can be used and when clicked it takes the viewer to a more detailed and slower loading image outside the page.

Social Media
One of the best value for money options in website SEO is social media and by encouraging people to share content and like you or follow you on their favorite social media site you build quality links and make your website more visible. Using a quality SEO company to bring all of these together on your website is a must and will ensure your website is a success.