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First Page Placement and How to Achieve It

It is possible that the importance of first page placement is lost on some people, but in order to explain why it is so important for your blog or website, it is helpful to first understand what it really is.

First page placement is fairly self-explanatory. It just means that when someone uses a phrase or word in a search engine, that your page, post, or content will come up on the first page of results. Now, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., will all have different results come up on their first page, but with good search engine optimization your site should still come up as a first page result on any search engine.

But why is it important to be on the first page of search results? Think about your own searching habits. When you look for information on the internet, how often do you go to the second page of search results? Usually someone will only go to the second or third page if they have not found adequate information on the first page. Typically information found on the first page is considered most relevant, and information found on consecutive pages is either less relevant or less accurate.

So you see it is important to boost your search results so that you are on the front page of results, and preferably closer to the top of the page. If someone can find relevant information in the first search result, then they do not even need to look any further to check out later results, and your web site may never be accessed at all. Therefore it is of utmost importance to boost your content to be closest to the first result shown by a search engine.

So what can be done to help get your website into the first few results in a search of Google, Yahoo!, or Bing?

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is a key way to begin
  • optimizing keywords used with your content can help searches target your site
  • creating accurate and relevant content helps relevant searches find it
  • Linking to other sites with relevant information, and being back linked to, will help searches see your website as relevant to the topic at hand.

It is always helpful to test out some search terms on your own. In order to see where your website is lacking with its tagging or SEO usage, go ahead and search yourself. It can be quite telling to discover how well you’re already doing. With these tips and a little bit of research, you can get your content to the first page in a matter of days!

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