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Increasing First Page Placement Frequency

Search engines have come a very long way in recent years at indexing web pages in response to any possible search that a user enter. The web pages that a search engine, such as Google deems to be most relevant will appear on the first page of search results and the list continues like this, often in the millions, in the order that the search engine decides. As you may know from experience, few of us click past the first page often, so when your website does feature on the very first page, this is a big deal, and we call it first-page placement.

Often, small or medium-sized businesses feel as if they simply cannot compete with the global market leaders out there when it comes to vying for the top spot. While it is true that top companies hold a pretty secure top spot for their relevant keyword choices, this isn’t to say that a small business cannot compete.

There are many different ways you can push your web pages up toward the top of the search engine list, you just need to seek innovative ways of competing, so here are a few great yet simple ways to improve your chances.

Think Local
Though you might completely have ignored it, one of the quickest and proven ways to fast track your way toward the top of the search engine results page and to achieve a greater number of first page placements is by being loud and proud about your local area and the areas where your business is based. Many people will search by their area instinctually, but even those that don’t are now be guided by locality. You may not be able to compete with Wal-mart with your local foods store, but for “health food store in LA” you might well rank very well.

Find your niche
The first sure way of shortcutting your way to the first page of a search engine, even for the biggest and best companies is by making your business a specialist in its field. By targeting customers in a more particular way you’ll be sure to snap up extra visitors who are searching for your niche. You can play around and experiment with this in a variety of ways, especially if you offer a variety of different products or services. For example, if your business is a retailer of sinks then be sure to give special attention to every different type of character and era that you stock. Few will type something as vague or general as “sink” into their browser, far more likely they will enter something more specific along the lines of “classic sink” or “contemporary granite sink” so try to focus more specifically on things like that, you’ll appear more relevant to your customer as well as to the search engine.

There are innumerable ways that an expert SEO service can help to push your site higher up in the page rankings, but the most important thing is to deliver high-quality content. Regardless of how a user found their way onto your website, once they’re inside you want them to stay, and to return in the future. Oh, and, if possible, to recommend you to their friends too!


Achievable first page placement goals

The way it seems to many, is that finding a web page from your site on the first page of Google is a little like winning the lottery, though this is far from the truth. In fact, many small websites rack up first page placements each month, whether they know it or not. It should also be said that unlike winning the lottery, achieving first-page placement takes skill, hard work, and plenty of determination. It also requires industry knowledge, and expertise.

Make your Content Superior
First of all, whatever your industry is, you need to be competitive with the very biggest and best, and, you also need to be better than they are. Recent developments in Google and other search engines mean that the way page placement is decided is fairer than ever, and even small websites play on a level playing field meaning that any business can achieve first-page placement with the right approach.

First off, you must do your research. Search around to educate yourself about what your nearest competition or the competition that you aspire to is doing. This is important both inform you of things that you are doing right, as well as things you’re missing and even perhaps ways that you have in common with your competitors that you should do away with. Once you have an idea of what’s on offer elsewhere, it’s for you to make something even better. If this still seems ambitious then consider the skyscraper theory.

The skyscraper theory says that nobody ever searches the second tallest building (or at least, far fewer do than who search for the first tallest). It is partly for this reason that you must do everything the competition does, plus a little and extra. This isn’t as challenging as it first seems since you begin by using your competition for ideas and inspiration.

Informed Keyword Research
Although it’s simple to carry out basic keyword research, you need an expert to assist you when it comes to high-level keyword research used in pay per click ads. If you tap into less widely used keywords than the bulk of your competition, and if you can differentiate your keywords with synonyms then you can pick up steam, increase your web traffic, and climb the search engine result pages to achieve more regular first-page placement.

Take advantage of local traffic
One final method that helps in the quest for first-page placement, particularly in the case of smaller businesses as a shortcut to the top of search results is by targeting your local customer case who may well be your main audience. Simply placing the name of your local town or city in your keywords you help you to guarantee that at least local searches should find your web pages at the top of the search results. When you have these pages in place, traffic will grow organically, and you will see a snowball effect take place, growing your traffic exponentially.


First Page Placement and How to Achieve It

It is possible that the importance of first page placement is lost on some people, but in order to explain why it is so important for your blog or website, it is helpful to first understand what it really is.

First page placement is fairly self-explanatory. It just means that when someone uses a phrase or word in a search engine, that your page, post, or content will come up on the first page of results. Now, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., will all have different results come up on their first page, but with good search engine optimization your site should still come up as a first page result on any search engine.

But why is it important to be on the first page of search results? Think about your own searching habits. When you look for information on the internet, how often do you go to the second page of search results? Usually someone will only go to the second or third page if they have not found adequate information on the first page. Typically information found on the first page is considered most relevant, and information found on consecutive pages is either less relevant or less accurate.

So you see it is important to boost your search results so that you are on the front page of results, and preferably closer to the top of the page. If someone can find relevant information in the first search result, then they do not even need to look any further to check out later results, and your web site may never be accessed at all. Therefore it is of utmost importance to boost your content to be closest to the first result shown by a search engine.

So what can be done to help get your website into the first few results in a search of Google, Yahoo!, or Bing?

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is a key way to begin
  • optimizing keywords used with your content can help searches target your site
  • creating accurate and relevant content helps relevant searches find it
  • Linking to other sites with relevant information, and being back linked to, will help searches see your website as relevant to the topic at hand.

It is always helpful to test out some search terms on your own. In order to see where your website is lacking with its tagging or SEO usage, go ahead and search yourself. It can be quite telling to discover how well you’re already doing. With these tips and a little bit of research, you can get your content to the first page in a matter of days!

Get Your Website On First Page Placement Results

Unless you want to pay for an advert of your company’s website on a search engine’s first page placement in the results, you will have to rely on the way search engines engineer organic placements which is a free service.  Obtaining this result takes time and patience but the effort is definitely worth it.

The following tips will walk you through the steps you need to take to ensure your page ranks highly in search engine results:

  • Make sure each of your webpages on your site are fully optimized with well-considered content and Meta tags correctly labelled. Your site should be able to pass a website optimization test.  There are various free webpage analyzers that you can use to find out if your site is up to scratch.
  • Once your pages are optimized you need to register your website on all the major search engines and business directories in your local area.
  • Start a blog and write articles related to your company, products, services or areas of expertise. This will not only attract customers and give them something to read but it will also attract search engine crawlers that will index the content on the pages.  If you update your blog regularly it will show that your site is active which helps your site rank higher.
  • Start a YouTube Channel and tag videos with keywords and phrases related to the video. This kind of content is very sought after on Google and leads to higher ranking because Google owns YouTube.
  • Take advantage of promoting your business on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter and other sites like Digg, Reddit and LinkedIn and this doesn’t mean just posting your link but about getting actively involved in the social network arena to build your profile and attract referrals.
  • Check out Craig’s List, as there is a “small biz ads” directory and forums where you can post articles. This particular site is heavily linked to search engines, as keywords in your advert will be recognized in search engine queries.
  • Link to others within your industry to help you build your page rank. Inbound links are the most useful.
  • Monitor your progress regularly and make sure you follow the best practice guidelines to limit the risk of incurring any penalties or being removed from the search engines altogether.

Remember you must remain an active participant in helping your organic search engine page ranking become established and maintained.  You should be monitoring and continuing to build up your site over several months to make sure you stay on the first page or risk sliding down the ranks.